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ARG attends RDC’s 20th Anniversary as Patron Sponsor

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The Riverfront Development Corporation held a luncheon at the Chase Center on the Wilmington Riverfront on April 8, 2016 to commemorate their last 20 years and to look forward to the next 20. ARG attended as a Patron Sponsor alongside hundreds of politicians, businesspeople, and residents of Wilmington. Through the Riverfront Development Corporation, the riverfront has transformed from a wasteland to a place where thousands of
people can live, work, and enjoy themselves.

We are proud to have been involved in the growth of the Wilmington Riverfront by providing services for the Chase Center, Delaware Children’s Museum, Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge, Penn Cinemas Riverfront IMAX theatre, and the Riverfront Development Corporation itself. Services provided by ARG over the years include phone system servicing, cabling, mounting access points, and more.

More about the event can be viewed at More information about the Wilmington Riverfront and what it has to offer can be found at

With Virtual Extensions, Your Business Is Virtually Everywhere

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Having virtual employees can be a win-win situation. Employers save on office costs and gain access to a geographically diverse talent pool. Employees enjoy having flexible hours and no commute. But what about customers? To keep the appearance that you and your staff work under one roof, it is essential to have virtual phone numbers. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a virtual number? A virtual number (also called a virtual extension) is a phone number that forwards to another phone number, often to a cell phone.

What are the benefits? A virtual number’s format is consistent with your company’s other numbers, so it appears to customers that your virtual employees are on-site. In addition, because virtual numbers are connected with your other company numbers, coworkers can easily dial virtual employees’ extensions. Virtual employees can also easily transfer calls.

With virtual phone numbers, employees receive voicemail messages through the company system with no need to clog up their cell phone mailbox. When they make calls, their number appears to be a number local to your company’s area.

Are virtual numbers always assigned to an employee? No, there are multiple uses. You can have a virtual mailbox with an outgoing message relaying office hours and driving directions. Or you can use a virtual mailbox for after-hours support with technicians in various regions fielding customer calls.

What’s more, no matter where your office is located, a virtual number can give you a local presence anywhere in the world. When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of virtual numbers, ARG Communications can get you started. We will come to your office for a consultation and recommend a solution that’s right for you.

Call (302) 225-2000 or email to schedule your appointment.

Security Cameras and You — How Much Can They Save You and How Easy is it to Get Started?

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Video surveillance is an important asset for any individual, organization, or business looking to secure their property. The number of crimes, and indeed the severity of crimes committed in public, have sharply declined since we began to employ cameras for a myriad of functions in our daily lives.

One of the only trade-offs is that the camera shy among us may find it a bit uncomfortable living in a society where they are on camera virtually every day.

Some businesses and organizations even report that their security systems that included video surveillance helped them cut losses from theft up to 80%, and saw significant increases in productivity as a result.

Determining how much of an effect this has on businesses nationwide isn’t too difficult. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs employers between $20-$40 billion a year. Imagine cutting 80% of your losses on those figures, just by purchasing and maintaining a video surveillance system! It’s a seriously large amount of money.

If you’re a business owner, security installation expert, or the proprietor of a property that stands to gain from installing a security system (this could even be just a home), you can rest easy. There are a ton of companies out there who take video security seriously who can sell, install, and configure security equipment with ease. Given how much they help, it’s practically recommended to any property manager who oversees a physical plot of land that they install some form of video surveillance.

Some of the most popular types of cameras used for security are cloud-connected cameras with resolutions of up to 1080 pixels. These cameras are actually somewhat cheap, too, considering how much that you stand to save from implementing them at your business.

Closed circuit video surveillance systems have swept America though they’re even more common across the Ocean in England. It’s said that virtually all of London is under constant video scrutiny through their closed-circuit television systems, which they say have deterred a large number of crimes since their installation.