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FAQs on Business Phone Systems, Answered

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At its beginning, businesses of all kinds and sizes may first wonder whether or not they need a business phone system. With more than 11 million meetings occurring each day in the U.S., many using video conferencing and VoIP services, it is important for a business to establish their telephony needs right away. For one thing, you can save between 20 and 50% on your monthly bill by switching your traditional phone line to VoIP.

For those currently looking, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about phone systems Philadelphia has.

Does my business need a phone system?
The best way to answer this question is yes. Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from a phone system of some kind. This is because the way a business presents itself is very important to potential customers and investors. It is important to appear as professional as possible, which the right business phone system can help achieve.

Is it a good idea for my employees and I to simply use our smartphones for business purposes?
While it may seem like a sensible option, unless you are running a one-person business, using a smartphone to conduct business is not recommended. Doing so does not make the company look as professional as it needs to be.

Mobile phones are not set up to offer the same features that business phone systems can. If you are certain that you want to use mobile phones for your business, you may want to consider using a virtual phones system that allows you to portray a professional image while still using mobile devices.

How do I know which phone system is right for my business?
The decision of choosing which phone systems philadelphia has to offer or your business needs is one that is dependent on several factors. For one, you need to know your budget and how much your company can afford to spend on business phones systems and phone system installation.

Is your business growing at a steady rate? Do you have an IT staff that is able to manage an in-house phone system? Do you have a high-speed Internet connection? These are all questions that must be answered in order to find out which communication solutions are right for your company.

Can remote employees access a business phone system?
If you choose the best VoIP technology phone systems Philadelphia offers, your employees working from locations other than the office will be able to both make and receive calls from anywhere. In fact, mobile VoIP usage is expected to reach about 1 billion users by 2018. Instead of giving out their personal phone number and working remotely, employees are able to maintain their privacy and use business phone system mobility tools to communicate with clients and associates.

Now that you know some of the common questions about business phone systems, you are in a better position to make an educated decision on your company’s future.

A Dirty Security Camera Is Not A Pretty Picture

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Installing a security camera to protect your business, school, or organization is a wise decision. But for optimal performance, the camera must be properly cleaned and maintained. Fuzzy pictures taken through a smudgy lens don’t provide full protection! To increase your security camera’s lifespan and efficiency, follow these tips.

Check your lighting. Make sure your lighting is sufficient and works properly. A quality camera with poor lighting yields subpar images.

Monitor the camera’s setting. Routinely examine the area around the camera. For outdoor cameras, look for overgrown plants or other obstructions blocking the view. If you have an enclosed box camera, inspect the enclosure for insect eggs, spider webs, or nests. Also check the enclosed fan, heater, and wiring to ensure they are intact and functioning.

Clean your camera properly. Dust and dirt on a camera diminish image quality, so regularly clean your camera inside and out. Soft dry brushes, microfiber cloths, and compressed air cans are generally best for removing dirt and dust. Try a damp cloth to clean the outside of an enclosure and a lens-cleaning cloth to clean the camera’s lens without scratching it.

Turn off your equipment when you clean it. This allows you to clean not only the camera’s lens but also the rest of the equipment—and it preserves the electrical system.

What’s the most important tip for cleaning your camera equipment? Follow the manufacturer’s product-specific instructions! What’s the best way to get the job done quickly and easily? Call ARG!

For help with cleaning your security camera, please contact us. ARG Communications provides expert, hassle-free camera equipment cleaning. Call (302) 225-2000 or email for more information.    

Security Solutions, Explained

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Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any business or homeowner. Having reliable security to protect personal and business assets are important to maintaining a safe environment. Studies have shown that having closed circuit video surveillance systems can reduce theft and loss of personal and business-related artifacts by up to 80%. Not only can you protect your assets, but several companies make it possible to do so at a low cost. Many cloud-connected video surveillance cameras come with resolutions up to 1080 pixels and low price tags. This makes the technology for security solutions like CCTV more accessible to people like homeowners and small business owners, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such high-quality equipment.

For those who may be considering security for their business or home, knowing the benefits of having security intelligence could be the difference between success for a business or region, and safety for a household. Below are a few basic benefits of having security solutions in place to protect what’s most important to you:

Improved Compliance Ability
Much of Information Technology (IT) is making sure to stay within regulation guidelines. While complying with these regulations does not confirm a completely secure environment, the penalties that are possible for failing to comply are given just as much importance as IT itself. Security solutions allow for regulatory and internal policy compliance to be monitored, measured, and made accountable.

Better Detection of Threats
In today’s society, security systems are under attack at all times of the day, hundreds of times a day. Security intelligence systems help to easily detect these threats and address them as soon as possible. This includes threats both internal and external and from just about any medium.

Reduced Data Leakage
Although external threats and attacks are the most common things people think of when thinking of what to protect their assets from, internal threats are just — if not more — dangerous. Internal threats, such as employees, have the ability to compromise not only intellectual property but, in some cases, national security as well. By implementing proper security solutions, organizations and individuals can detect things like VoIP toll fraud, which is a bigger threat than most understand.

The VoIP industry has grown by more than 50% since 2011 and is expected to have around 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2018. Because it is Internet based, voip services are vulnerable to attacks. IT specialists are aware of this problem and use various solutions to combat this.

Whether protecting your business or your family, security is always important. Explore your security options and maintain a safe, healthy environment.

FAQs on CCTV, Answered

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Protecting your assets is a concern many people have, especially today. Theft and losses can be reduced by as much as 80% with properly installed closed circuit video (CCTV) surveillance systems, which can also improve productivity. Not only can they protect you from outside threats but internal threats as well. Things such as employee theft can run employers between $20 billion to $40 billion a year. Luckily, closed circuit video surveillance systems can help reduce the occurrence of this.

While exploring your options for security solutions, see what security camera systems Philadelphia has to offer. Before purchasing video security like CCTV, it is important to know at least the basics of video surveillance and its benefits. Here are a few commonly asked questions followed by answers to help give you better understanding of closed circuit video surveillance systems:

What is CCTV?
CCTV is a system in which video transmission is closed to devices not directly connected to it. This means that only cameras, display monitors, and recording devices physically connected to the video transmission feed are able to display its information.

What is CCTV used for?
For years, CCTV has been commonly used for security cameras systems by homeowners and business owners alike. They are becoming increasingly popular due to reduced costs by the manufacturers of these types of cameras and video recording equipment. Because of this, more homeowners and small business now have affordable security options. It is now possible to purchase a cloud-connected security system with resolutions up to 1080 pixels at a low cost.

Not only are businesses and homeowners taking advantage of this security technology, but city officials and governments are as well. CCTV systems can be seen on streets and highways for traffic law enforcement to monitor traffic patterns, allowing emergency services to quickly reach their destinations. Public venues like stadiums and convention centers may also have CCTV to show footage throughout the building. This allows attendees to never miss a minute as they move around the facility.

As you can see, CCTV is used in many different ways. From protecting a home or business from burglary or damage to broadcasting special events and sporting events throughout a facility, CCTV is just about everywhere. Consult with your local telecommunications leader in the Philadelphia or Delaware area and find out if closed circuit video surveillance systems are right for you.