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4 Unexpected Ways Security Systems Are Helpful

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The rate of crime is constantly growing, which means many business owners choose to install different types of security systems in their stores. One of these security systems, closed circuit video surveillance systems, comes with its fair share of basic benefits. However, there are many others that you might not have thought of. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

You Can Monitor Your Space Anytime from Anywhere
In a world of constantly changing technology, video systems have to keep up. Nowadays, you can monitor your business directly from your phone or laptop. Many security systems offer you the ability to check in on what’s going on at your business when you’re not there. You can check in from anywhere at any time. Since cameras can be installed all around the business, there are multiple points of view from which you can find potential criminal activity. 

You Can Save Money With a System
Often, security system cameras are in plain sight. They’re usually placed in the corners of rooms, outside buildings, and in businesses’ back rooms. When a criminal enters the store and sees the camera, that’s usually enough to keep them from stealing anything. Making sure that it’s in plain sight can help prevent theft, which ultimately helps to save money. Plus, systems aren’t always as expensive as you think they might be. In fact, several companies will sell you a low cost, cloud-connected security camera with resolutions between 720 or 1080 pixels. 

A Camera Can Help in Court Cases
When you’re thinking about installing a security system, you might not be thinking about potential court cases. However, if someone does steal something or damage your property, there’s a chance that you could take them to court. If they are caught red-handed by the cameras, that’s an excellent source of proof to present in the courtroom. 

They Hold Your Employees Accountable
When your employees know that a camera is around, they’re less likely to steal anything or do things they’re not supposed to. With cameras, there is always the potential that “big brother” is watching your every move. If they do actually follow through with the plan to do something they shouldn’t, you can easily tell who did what. 

Video security services are great for catching people staling, but they are also useful in other ways. They help you save money, catch employees not doing the right thing, and provide evidence in potential court cases.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Hosted Phone System For Your business

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The Benefits of Utilizing a Hosted Phone System For Your Business


Hosted Phone System Delaware

Before we touch base on the benefits of a hosted phone system, you need to understand what it actually means. So, what exactly is a hosted phone system? I’m sure you may have heard of “The Cloud”. In layman’s terms, the cloud refers to the act of storing data and/or services over the internet to an off-premise service provider rather on your hard drive. A hosted phone system, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a phone system that resides off premise, or in the cloud and provides you service to your end-point (I.E. Desktop Phone, Softphone, IOS or Android Device) over the internet. While the cloud is often misunderstood causing hesitation and doubt, the benefits of utilizing a hosted phone system for your business is tremendous.

  1. Cost Effective- Compared to premise based phone systems, VoIP is much less in price (due to decreased installation costs and maintenance fees, as well as your phone line service in one low payment), ultimately giving you a greater return on your investment.
  2. Flexibility- Your staff can essentially work virtually at any location if need be. This is a great bonus for smaller companies because hosted phone systems will give off the illusion that your company is actually bigger than it really is. With a portal login this also gives you greater flexibility in forwarding calls or making admin changes.
  3. Outsource Maintenance- your phone system will be hosted in an off-site location by your phone system provider. This means that you don’t have to devote time or money to keeping an on-site system running. The hosted platform has redundancy in multiple co-locations, nationally. Meaning if a server was to fail in the provider’s office, your service is automatically re-routed to one of the other co-locations, thus reducing the chance of a down system.

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