6 Commonly Overlooked Factors That Affect Video Surveillance

Whether your run a business or simply want to protect your home, there are plenty of reasons to implement video surveillance systems. In fact, the video surveillance Philadelphia businesses use include remotes. These camera systems reduce theft and losses by 80%. To make sure your system is setup correctly, keep the following tips in mind.

Cameras cannot multitask
Focus on one thing at a time. Before installing video surveillance equipment, ask yourself what you want to record. Are you looking to capture someone’s face, a license plate, or just a general area? It is important to figure this out ahead of time so that you get the images you are looking for and from multiple sources.

Camera height
While the idea of mounting a camera at the highest point on your home or building may seem like the most logical place, it is not always best. You may not get the most detailed images if the camera is too high. You must be able to balance the effective range and number of cameras in a system to get the images you intend.

Wide dynamic range
It is important to find video security cameras that are capable of wide dynamic range. This is particularly important for doorways and windows. As a result, you will get an image that captures desired information if the angle of approach is correct.

Fixed VS. PTZ
The PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) features often influence purchasing decision. Customers are attracted to the ability to move the camera around and zoom in and out. It’s important to remember to move the camera back to its “home” location or the camera will continue to focus where it was last moved. PTZs are best when there is someone there to operate them and make sure the camera is focusing where it needs to be.

Lighting is crucial to capturing images that are visible. Especially with nighttime video capture, lighting is important to getting the images you are looking for. Often times, customers make the mistake of mounting cameras too close to bright lights, resulting in obscured images.

Proper retention calculation
You don’t want to purchase off the shelf closed-circuit television systems that do not allow customization of video retention time. Otherwise, you are locked into a storage timeline that is based on the number of devices and recording activity rather than your needs. Commercial grade systems, on the other hand, are custom built based on specific customer needs for each location.

The video surveillance Philadelphia business owners use helps to reduce the more than $20 million employers lose annually due to employee theft. The video surveillance Philadelphia small businesses typically use have resolutions between 720 or 1080 pixels. Protect your biggest investments using CCTV and make sure they are setup properly using the above tips.