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A Dirty Security Camera Is Not A Pretty Picture

Installing a security camera to protect your business, school, or organization is a wise decision. But for optimal performance, the camera must be properly cleaned and maintained. Fuzzy pictures taken through a smudgy lens don’t provide full protection! To increase your security camera’s lifespan and efficiency, follow these tips. Check your lighting. Make sure your...
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With Virtual Extensions, Your Business Is Virtually Everywhere

Having virtual employees can be a win-win situation. Employers save on office costs and gain access to a geographically diverse talent pool. Employees enjoy having flexible hours and no commute. But what about customers? To keep the appearance that you and your staff work under one roof, it is essential to have virtual phone numbers....
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LED Lighting: A Bright Idea!

Are your employees tired or dragging? Try a simple solution: LED lighting. LED lightbulbs give off bright white light, similar to daylight. The bright light improves alertness and is also known to:
  • improve mood
  • boost reaction times
  • reduce eye strain and headaches
  • decrease errors
The end result: healthier employees, greater productivity, and ultimately, more profit. Not only do LED lights provide...
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Your New Year’s Resolution: Project Confidence on the Phone

You dial the number. It’s ringing. Your heart races. Sound familiar? Having a phone call with a client, prospect, supplier, or anyone affecting your business can be intimidating. The good news is that you can learn to sound confident on the phone with these simple tricks: Prepare. If you know in advance the key points you...
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