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4 Tips to Follow For Better Retail Security

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video securityRetailers are always at high risk for shoplifting and employee theft. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in the U.S. today. That means one in every 11 people could be a thief who steals from your store. And far too many storeowners are being forced to deal with the consequences: on average, these shoplifters say they’re caught only one out of every 48 times they steal.

Clearly, most retail locations need to improve their security solutions. As an owner, you may be overwhelmed by how to decrease the likelihood of theft. That’s why we’ve compiled these four tips to help you achieve better security in your retail location:

  1. Identify your weaknesses
    First off, you must identify the unique vulnerabilities of your business. Every store has them. In order to protect yourself and your merchandise, you need to give ample consideration to potential threats. These may include your specific location or demographics, the local crime rate, the security of your entrances and exits, keeping cash and inventory on site, the layout of your store, or how trustworthy your staff might be. Once you’ve identified these pitfalls, you can start fixing them.
  2. Add video surveillance
    Adding video security is one of the best investments you can make for your business. When you have closed circuit video surveillance systems, you’ll always be informed about everything that’s happening at your retail location, even when you aren’t physically there. You can even connect certain video security systems to your computer, smartphone, or tablet in order to monitor the goings-on in real time. In fact, having a remote-access video surveillance system can decrease theft and losses by up to 80% and will generally improve productivity among your staff. Whether theft occurs due to employee misconduct, fraudulent transactions, or consumer shoplifting, you’ll likely be ahead of the curve.
  3. Add lights and mirrors
    Not only do poorly lit stores not appeal to customers, but they look very inviting to shoplifters. Make sure that both the interior and exterior of your business are well-lit. There should be no dark walkways or spaces for thieves to hide. You should also strategically place convex mirrors in order to eliminate blind spots. Your employees should always have a clear view of all parts of the store and should feel safe both inside and outside your location.
  4. Use and display an alarm system
    In addition to having video security, you should also have a burglar alarm system in place. You should also display warning signs or stickers that alert potential customers that your business is protected. These should be placed prominently by entrances and on windows. Just having these stickers can act as theft-deterrents.

If you need the best security camera systems Philadelphia has to offer, contact us today to find out about your surveillance options. Let us help make your business safer and more productive.

Telecommuting is Becoming Increasingly Popular, Report Shows

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According to Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll, the percentage of people who have telecommuted, both part- and full-time, climbed from 30% in 2008 to 37% in 2015, and that number is climbing every single day.

Nearly 64 million U.S employees, or 50% of the workforce, holds a job that allows them to work from home at least part time. With the addition of new technologies and communication solutions — plus the constant urge to check your email inbox — the number of telecommuters is set to increase even more within the next few years.

As of now, the U.S. News and World Report says that 4% of employees in Delaware are full-time telecommuters who are working from their home or on the road while travelling. Though that number seems quite low, the number of workers who telecommute part time is much higher.

But many companies are not creating environments that allow their employees to work from home or remotely. While some industries, like manufacturing, retail, food service, or other jobs that require their workers to be physically present, are obviously unable to grant work from home benefits, many industries can. Sales and marketing professionals, social media managers, software engineers, and designers, for example, are all able to enjoy the luxury of telecommuting.

In many cases though, these employees are bound to their desks, often less productive than they would be otherwise.

The benefits of telecommuting are vast for both employer and employee. Not only are workers often more productive in their own environments, they are often happier as well. Working from home allows many employees to spend more time with their families, attend doctor’s appointments or other engagements, and reduces unscheduled time off from work.

Telecommuting also eradicates the need for lengthy commutes, which can often exhaust and anger workers. When employees are able to work from home, they are able to avoid rush hour traffic and possible accidents as well.

Businesses who have telecommuting employees need communication solutions like cutting edge Delaware business phone systems. These secure digital phone systems lower costs of phone systems and enable video conferencing, among other benefits.

ARG Communications can deliver the network infrastructure and telephone systems needed to make telecommuting efficient and desirable for employers and workers alike. If you have any questions about telecommunication software for the modern office, give us a call.

Things to Look for in a VoIP Services Provider

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Today, your business likely relies on technology for virtually every aspect of your operations. From closed-circuit television systems that give you peace of mind when you’re not in the office to video messaging, email, and telecommuting, it would be hard to find a part of your business that doesn’t incorporate at least some type of technology.

VoIP services is just one of these examples, but it’s also an increasingly important one. Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP technology allows the user to make voice phone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line.

Before jumping onto the VoIP services bandwagon, it is important you find a trusted hosted phone systems provider. The VoIP industry grew by more than $76 billion in 2015 alone, so it is important you find a provider that will be able to lead you to new heights in this growing field.

Here are three things to look for when choosing a VoIP services provider for your small business:

A secure data center
You will want to look for a provider who has a data center that is protected by a government-authorized network for technology and communication. This will ensure that the system stays secure and functioning even if the provider’s data is breached or compromised.

A protected network
It is crucial to the safety of your business that your provider’s network points are completely firewalled and that full security measures are taken wherever possible. Ideally, they should offer separate systems so that an Internet failure will not affect calls to the center. Considering that calls are coming through on the Internet — which makes the data accessible to hackers — it is important that each call goes through a secure and protected network.

At the end of the day, you will want to look for a company that does not plan downtime. This means that no matter what time a customer calls in, they will be able to be met with an answer. You will want to ask the company what percentage of uptime you can expect so you are getting the best bang for your buck.

ARG Communications understands the importance of reliability and quality. Contact our professionals to implement affordable VoIP services in your Delaware small business today.

10-Year Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

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ARG celebrated their 10-year company anniversary on May 9, 2013 at Firestone Roasting House on the Wilmington Riverfront. Attendees included representatives from the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce. Certificates of Appreciation were given to numerous customers including MaryPat Kwoka from Premier Dermatology, Joe Filipolli from CareKinesis, and Greg Gurev from MySherpa.

ARG awarded State of Delaware Cabling Contract

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ARG Communications was awarded the State of Delaware Cabling Contract! For installation of Voice, Data and fiber Cabling in Delaware ARG Communications is the #1 choice.