5 Ways Security Cameras Can Reduce Crime for Your Business

security camera systems

It’s important to ensure that your business is well-protected and you know what’s going on even when you’re not on the premises. Integrating security camera systems is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your place of business, customers, and employees don’t become the victims of crimes. Here are five ways installing CCTVs can reduce crime for your business.

1. Real-Time Surveillance

In the past, businesses had to hire an additional employee to monitor live footage while on the premises for video surveillance to be effective. However, with today’s cutting-edge technology, monitoring can be done remotely from a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Security camera systems can provide an around-the-clock record of the events that occur on your property. This is especially helpful if your business operates on a 24/7 schedule.

2. Visible Deterrent Against Theft

Most criminals will be deterred by CCTV on, near, or at the entrances of your property. In fact, according to Optics Mag, visible security cameras reduce crime by 47%. Put up signs to let anyone on your business premise know they’re being videotaped. This will both scare criminals away and help your employees and customers feel safer.

3. Criminal Evidence

Security cameras can be extremely helpful in the event that a crime is committed around or within your business premises. Law enforcement can use the footage to identify the culprit and the exact location of the incident. When the matter goes to court, it’ll be valuable criminal evidence.

4. Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Security camera systems can also act as a deterrent against sexual harassment. The equipment monitors your staff, keeping them and your business safe. In addition to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, security cameras can also provide evidence to support litigation if any were to occur.

5. Enhanced Parking Lot Safety

While most business owners and managers place a high value on customer satisfaction, it won’t mean much if the safety of your customers, employees, or their vehicles is compromised. Video monitoring of parking lots can significantly reduce car theft and vandalism and improve the safety of patrons and staff members as they enter and get out of their cars.

Take a moment to think about how much you’ve invested in your business. How would you feel if you lost any part of it to a crime? Investing in a security camera system can go a long way toward providing the protection you need. Contact ARG Communications today to learn more about our security solutions.