6 Ways Closed-Circuit Television Systems Can Save Your Company Money

Besides making sales, one of the top priorities of any company should be reliable security. Inventory shrink from shoplifting and theft can add up overtime, resulting in huge losses for a business.

So how can you better protect your company? In recent years, closed-circuit television systems have become an effective tool in improving security for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Deter theft: Just the presence of video surveillance cameras is often enough to deter someone from shoplifting, but it’s not just shoppers that businesses need to worry about.

    Many companies may be shocked at how much money they’re losing due to dishonest workers. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employee theft costs employers anywhere from $20 million to $40 million every year. Employees will be far less inclined to steal if they know their job is on the line.
  2. Apprehend thieves: If someone either overlooks the closed-circuit television systems or simply has the guts to go for it anyway, video security can help catch thieves. Not only would you be able to identify thieves after they’ve committed the crime, but with constant monitoring, you may even be able to catch them in the act.
  3. 24 hour protection: One of the largest advantages of closed circuit video surveillance systems is that they offer around the clock surveillance. Not only will you be able to keep any eye out for shoplifters, but for any attempted break-ins after hours as well.
  4. Remote monitoring: As an added bonus, you can see a live feed from the cameras anywhere you have Internet or data access. Remote monitoring also reduces the need for personnel to watch the cameras at all hours of the day.
  5. Cost-effective: Thanks to remote monitoring, companies can save plenty of money without the need to hire security personnel. Especially considering the fact that they would have to hire someone to monitor the systems 24 hours a day.
  6. Improved productivity: One hidden advantage of video surveillance, is improved employee productivity. When they know they’re being monitored, workers are far less likely to slack off or take extended breaks

Overall, closed-circuit television systems with remote access can eliminate theft losses by as much as 80%. Because there are several companies selling low cost, cloud-connected security cameras with good resolution between 720 to 1080 pixels, you could save even more money.