ARG Communications Excellence in Construction Winner 2022

ARG Communication was awarded the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction award for three jobs in 2022.

Martin Honda Service Center (click to see more)

Car Dealership Security Solution

Martin Honda dealership utilizes VIVOTEK security solutions for multi-use applications to detect damage of any and every size as the vehicle entered the dealership’s service bay to be able to dispute any unwarranted claims. As a result, the dealership has already avoided more than 25 damage claims in the first six months of operation.

Customer Requirements

  • Design an application to detect pre-existing damage on the vehicle in every angle as cars pull into the service drop-off bay.
  • Need surveillance coverage not only in service bay but also in carwash station and parking lot.
  • Live monitoring and access recordings on their PC’s or mobile devices from anywhere.

VIVOTEK’s Solutions & Applications

  • A total of 38 high mega-pixels VIVOTEK smart IP surveillance cameras, ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree to multi-sensors, were installed in service bay, carwash, and parking lot.
  • Cameras were mounted offset from the wall covering the left and right sides of the vehicle for all 3 bays, and the top of the vehicle was covered from above. There was a total of 8 cameras installed for this application alone.


  • With a drive thru that sees more than 100 vehicles per day, customer needed a robust system. Customer has already avoided more than 25 damage claims in the first six months of operation.
  • Customer “couldn’t be more pleased with the product or its implementation” and is satisfied with the high-quality video from VIVOTEK surveillance cameras.

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LaMotte Company

We implemented both a certified Category 6 cabling solution, Fiber Optic backbone solution for their data and voice connections, as well as LaMotte’s wireless access points throughout the entire office and manufacturing plant. The quantities required in each location were designed by ARG Communications in conjunction with the customer’s input.

Delaware Technical Community College

ARG Communications was requested to provide a complete RFP to install a Video Surveillance system and cameras for the four campuses at Delaware Technical Community College. This project was to design a complete system that met or exceeded the RFP requirements.