Phone system installation at George Read Middle School and just one example of how organized wiring infrastructure can look!

At ARG Communications we strive to cover all of your business communications needs. However, our roots have always been in phone systems.

Unlike conventional or legacy systems, our hosted phone systems allow us to maintain your telephone communications for you. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, we can practically eliminate the need for inconveniencing installations, maintenance, and upgrades.

This way, you and your employees can focus on your larger business interests.

Training employees to use these systems is far easier than it ever was with legacy systems. They don’t require a deep understanding of the technology or software to operate the system. All they need to know is simply how to make a phone call, receive messages, forward calls, and maybe a few other simple operations.

Maintaining systems is also much easier with hosted communications. Our systems are designed with multiple points of redundancy, meaning that if one part of the system was to fail, back technologies would activate to ensure no disruption in services. Not to mention that because ARG Communications is already hosting your systems, you will not be charged for any repairs.

With technology improving at such a rapid pace in recent years, upgrading software is now commonplace for pretty much any business. Fortunately, with our phone systems, there will be no need to completely shut them down for them to update. Regular day-to-day operations can continue uninterrupted while the phone system updates to its latest version.

Because the system technically operates off the premises of the company, we can also offer improved security and reliability. All personal information and data will be stored on our secure servers.

We understand that one of the main priorities for any company is to reduce operation costs. At ARG Communications, our phone systems are designed to do exactly that.

While our product and service list has become very extensive, our original roots are with phone systems. Our service technicians are some of the most experienced in the area. ARG Communications, Inc. is an authorized dealer for sales, service and installation of NEC, and Zultys Products in Delaware, Philadelphia, Eastern PA, Eastern, MD and New Jersey. In addition to the systems we carry, sales, service and support is also available on many other products such as Comdial, ESI, Avaya, Nortel and more. We specialize in the K-12/primary education and higher education sectors. We also have extensive experience in healthcare, hospitality, and retail environments. For the most economical hosted phone systems Philadelphia has to offer look no further than ARG Communications. Please check out our testimonials or inquire for references.

Services Offered

Phone System Installation, Implementation and Support
Authorized Business Telephone System Dealer
WiFi Phone Systems
Music-on-Hold Systems
Business Telephone & Voicemail Systems
Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Systems
Hosted Phone Systems
Telecom Consulting Services
Local and long-distance
Internet services
From MPLS, DSL, PRI, T-1, Pots, VoIP, to everything in between, ARG demystifies phone company lingo and simplifies the experience for our customers.
While providing economical voice and data solutions for your business, we navigate the ins and outs of the carrier options.

Phone system installation at George Read Middle School and just one example of how organized wiring infrastructure can look!