Your Video Surveillance Could Be Broadcasting Live Online Right Now

cctvThe depths of the Internet are practically limitless, and full of bizarre and disturbing websites. Insecam, an unsecured webcam directory, is just one unsettling addition to the world wide web that could be broadcasting your video surveillance right now.

But how?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. And while “closed” insinuates privacy, oftentimes this is not the case. Since many of these CCTV systems are hooked up directly to the Internet in order to broadcast to multiple devices through the cloud, an indistinguishable number of streams could be broadcasting at this very second, if left unsecured.

Insecam has a database of approximately 5,000 unsecured webcam streams in the United States alone. Some of these streams were left completely unsecured, while others are protected with very simple passwords like “password1” or the name of the vicinity that is being monitored. Some establishments, like hotels and restaurants, have live webcams that are left intentionally unsecured, though this is ill-advised.

There are about 11 million meetings taking place in the U.S. every year, many of which are broadcast online for other departments or business locations to view. In many cases, sensitive information is discussed in these meetings. Finances, internal operations, or special projects should all be kept internalized until ready for public release. While you may not consider it in the short-term, there is a huge possibility of leaked information when using closed circuit video surveillance systems.

While it’s possible to purchase video security systems on your own, it takes more than just a user’s manual to figure out how to effectively secure your surveillance system. That’s why you should only trust a professional to install your CCTV systems with complex passwords that only you, your family, or your business executives have access to.

ARG Communications, a leading telecommunications provider in the greater Delaware area, employs certified professionals capable of making sure that your surveillance systems are protected from online hackers and databases like Insecam.

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