3 of the Top Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

More businesses today are using some form of a hosted phone system as their business phone system. According to projections, Mobile VoIP hit an estimated 1 billion users in 2018. If your business is looking into a hosted phone system, it’s important to know what benefits you’ll get from it. This will help you decide whether it’s best for your business. Here are some of the top benefits of a hosted phone system.

Less cost

A hosted phone system allows a business to remove all of its on-site equipment. The cost of acquiring on-site phone systems, installing them, and maintaining them can add up. In contrast, the cost of installing a hosted phone system is typically less expensive. The company that you get your phone system from will be responsible for maintaining and repairing it with generally no additional charge. Updates are typically automatic, which helps simplify the maintenance process. This can potentially save you time to focus on other parts of your business that are more important.

More productivity

All businesses want to maximize productivity as much as possible. Hosted phone systems can help with that. One feature it provides is connecting people from almost anywhere. This includes from the workplace, from home, or while on the move. As a result of this, the work a business does no longer has to be done from one location. The company staff has the ability to work remotely through being able to answer business calls and communicate with colleagues from anywhere. This can also potentially help a business save on office space and office furniture.

Multiple features

Hosted phone systems typically have more features than an on-site phone system. For example, the voicemail on hosted phone systems can come with an email interface. This allows a company’s staff to have their voicemails recorded in an audio format and e-mailed to them. Business phone systems also feature call queuing, caller line identification, and call transferring. These features will usually cost extra to install in an on-site phone system. In addition, most hosted phone systems come with backup technology. This allows the system to continue operating in case one part of the system is experiencing a disruption of some kind.


It’s important to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of a phone hosting system before deciding whether it’s right for your business. If you use a VoIP hosted phone system, because it runs on the internet, your service will be disrupted if there’s an internet outage. You’ll need to make sure you have consistently stable internet. Another potential disadvantage is that when you transfer calls to mobile phones, it can cause a time lag. Additionally, if there’s signal interference, call quality can become poor.

Hosted phone systems come with both benefits and disadvantages. They can come at a lower cost, potentially help with productivity, and offer a variety of features. Nonetheless, it also can have issues with phone quality, and with some phone systems, service can potentially be disrupted. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons in order to decide the best business phone system for your company.