3 Ways You Can Keep Your Communications Networks Safe

In today’s society, technology is a part of everyday life. This is especially true in work environments, with there being around 11 million meetings every day in the U.S. — many of which utilize technology like VoIP services and video conferencing. But with the increased use of technology also comes an increased risk of data theft, which can be extremely problematic for companies. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few easy ways companies can protect their communications networks.

Use authentication tools: When a new device is connected to your Internet system, it should go through some sort of authentication process. Authentication protocols can determine whether or not the device is safe and not connected with malicious intent. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that allow employees to use personal devices for work-related tasks. Having an authentication tool in place will make sure any and all devices are valid and allowed to be on the server.

Update your router: Having a wireless internet access point can be extremely convenient. But if you fail to continuously update your router, it’s going to be easier for hackers to enter the system. This is why you need to keep your router up-to-date. Fortunately, router updates usually involve installing a new manufacturer-approved software and this is easy enough to do. Occasional updates will ensure your router’s security features are as strong as possible.

Limit network access: In many cases, especially at businesses, communications networks can be accessed by a number of people. This is important for everyone to be able to connect easily and access important information. However, you should only allow certain devices to access the network — by pre-approving devices that can access the network, you reduce the risk of an outsider being able to gain access through an open network.

While technology has certainly made things easier, it’s important to not feel too relaxed — forgetting to make important updates or secure a network can make it easy for hackers to gain access, which can be extremely problematic. But keeping these few simple tips in mind will help keep your network and connections secure.