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The Impact of IoT on Business Communication Demands

There are many things that can impact business communication and demands. Many devices are nonstandard computing devices that can connect to a network wirelessly. According to PR News Wire, the structured cabling market’s revenue should reach $12,916.5 million by 2030. Using IoT devices as a business will help to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and […]

How A/V Needs Have Grown Since the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused heavy changes throughout society, including problems with healthcare and supply chain issues. However, the ways it affected communications networks around the world are rarely discussed, including how it affected the audio/visual (A/V) market and its general usage. Higher Streaming Service Usage A/V rates not only skyrocketed in the early days of […]

5 Ways VOIP Business Systems Can Support Education During the Lockdown

The pandemic has had an impact on every sector of our society. The education system has been one of the most affected. Schools are looking towards digital technologies to adjust to new regulations. One solution has been to use a VOIP business system to connect offices and facilitate administration work. In this article, we’ll examine […]

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Communications Networks Safe

In today’s society, technology is a part of everyday life. This is especially true in work environments, with there being around 11 million meetings every day in the U.S. — many of which utilize technology like VoIP services and video conferencing. But with the increased use of technology also comes an increased risk of data […]

The MVP meets the VOIP; VOIP Business Systems in an Educational Setting

Communication solutions in schools are as valuable as an endless pencil dispenser, which is to say, every single classroom should have access to them. VOIP business systems are developing VOIP software to address exactly this issue across educational, commercial, and healthcare sectors. But what does this mean? How can VOIP and its integration into schools […]

BTA: Hilyard’s Business Solutions Merges with Collins Business Systems, Inc.

The Business Technology Association announced the merging of two major business solution companies. According to the BTA, Hilyard’s Business Solutions merged with Collins Business Systems Inc. on February 14, 2017. The two paired up to bring technology packages, office equipment, and telephone systems to customers around the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas. Robert Hilyard, CEO […]

Congratulations Rich Pharaoh!!

Congratulations are in order for ARG Technician, Rich Pharaoh! He just became another one of our technicians that are BICSI certified for Fiber Optic Cabling IN250! Rich has years of knowledge in this industry and we are so glad to have him as part of our team!  

3 Tips For Improving VoIP Call Quality

VoIP, voice over internet protocol, is growing in popularity amongst American businesses who have begun to move away from traditional phone systems. One of the biggest reasons behind this change in business phone systems is that VoIP can save 20-50% on a monthly phone bill, making it a great investment for the business owner looking […]