5 Signs Your Structured Cabling Need an Upgrade

structured cabling

Structured cabling problems can cost your company time and profitability. If your team is suffering because of cabling issues, it’s vital to make changes quickly before your performance is negatively impacted. Here are a few signs that your structured cabling needs an upgrade.

1. Suffering Performance

Your network was set up with a specific amount of devices in mind. The number of devices being added to the network might increase over time, though. As these devices increase, you might notice that the performance and reliability of the network start to suffer. Older networks aren’t usually capable of supporting technological changes in your workforce. In this case, cabling upgrades may be necessary.

2. Increase in Maintenance Costs

A cable network, like most any system, will have an expected service life. As the network ages, you might start to notice more problems with speed and functionality. Constantly repairing your network issues can create a drain on your budget. Any aging system isn’t going to work as efficiently as a new system. It’s often more cost-effective to simply upgrade the structured cabling in your network rather than to keep fixing small problems over and over.

3. Failed Inspections

To keep your network in the best working order, you need to have yearly inspections performed. If you’re not doing this, you could be contributing to a bigger problem in the future. A fiber optic expert would be able to inspect your network to identify major breakdowns. If your system is failing these inspections, that is a serious sign that you need to upgrade the cabling.

4. Physically Worn or Corroded Cables

Physically worn or corroded cables are a huge sign that you need upgrades. Not only will this impact your network’s performance and efficiency, but it can even pose a safety risk to your building. Worn cables and wires can be a fire hazard.

5. Reoccurring Network Downtime

Your reputation is directly linked to your network reliability. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the direct impact of this with numerical data, reoccurring downtime will eventually lead to a decrease in your reliability. If you’re experiencing ongoing network downtime, you need to alleviate this problem early on before it starts to affect your company’s reputation.

According to PR Newswire, the structured cabling market is projected to reach $12,916.5 million in revenue by 2030. If you’re in need of structured cabling upgrades for your school, healthcare facility, or retail business, turn to the team at ARG Communications. We can take care of all your wiring needs for internal/external networking systems, phone systems, security systems, and more.