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4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Business’ Structured Cabling

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Your company’s telecommunication infrastructure is important to the success of your business. But chances are it’s not something you think about a lot until it starts to really hold your business back.

If your business has been suffering from slow data and telecommunications, it might be time to upgrade your structured cabling system. Consider these four benefits you can take advantage of when you upgrade.

  1. New systems are easier to manage. When you consolidate your cables into one system that’s able to handle multiple formats of data, it makes structured cabling easier and more manageable. You don’t have to worry about cables not being able to run long distances without errors or interference. And you can install and remove your structured cabling that much easier, too.
  2. Your maintenance expenses are lower. Older cables can go back pretty easily. But new cables that are higher quality rarely go bad. This saves you money because it reduces your system’s downtime and unifies your data, voice, and video IT network. New cables also minimize your need for updates, which reduces maintenance costs even more.
  3. Your company has higher data speeds. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re interacting with a client is slow data transmission. If your business is still operating with Cat 3 cables, which feature more noise and slower speeds, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. By upgrading your structured cabling system to Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables, you can each faster data speeds that support your business operations.
  4. You’ll have a cleaner, more professional office space. Cluttered office spaces can negatively impact your business’ productivity. Employees don’t feel like they’re working in a professional environment and work quality suffers. Hanging wires, bundled cabling, and tech scattered around can also impact your company’s functionality. New and improved cabling can help to unify and simplify your system, which can make your office look cleaner and operate more efficiently.

Interested in new installation of voice and data cabling?

It’s no secret that a new and improved structured cabling system can help your business. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Safe Research found that the increased productivity from internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week per employee.

ARG Communications has the structured cabling Delaware businesses like yours need to succeed. For more information about our fiber structured cabling for data and voice, contact ARG Communications today.

What Matters to Your Business Phone System?

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Your business phone system means a lot to you and is an integral part of your office security and protection. You need to have a quality phone system so your company can thrive in many ways. Fiber structured cabling is one of the ways you can make the most of your system and keep it protected, and your telephone systems can last much longer with this type of care and maintenance.


VoIP is a common method of communication for many people and is expected to rise in popularity to among a billion users by 2018. This is for those who use the communication method on a mobile level.VoIP is the means of using a telephone system outside a traditional telephone line, and helps to make communicating in various ways more capable and easy for your customers and clients.


Learn why you need to have an effective business phone system, and why it matters to make sure you put a lot of effort into it. The right security camera systems, along with hosted phone systems, will ensure you get a great outcome with your communication needs.


You Protect Your Investment


When you protect your investment, you do what you can to make sure your phone system lasts a long time. This is what structured cabling and other methods of preservation can do for your communications system. Whether you are into preserving your current security solutions you have in your building or you want to devote new phone systems to your company, you will find the solutions you need with the right installation service.


You Get the Best of Technology


You want to get the very best of technology when it comes to a great telephone system, so you should make sure you get a proper installation that will last. Fiber structured cabling is designed with flexibility and durability in mind, which can help make your current cabling system more effective overall.


You can make the most of your phone system when you have a quality company do your installations for you. The best company is one that will be able to answer all your questions, stays up on current trends, and does what they can to makes sure your fiber structured cabling system and other telephone and security needs are met quickly and easily. The right company will do what they can to ensure you have a great outcome with your investment overall.

6 benefits of structured cabling for data and voice in your business

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The need for a reliable network is currently a big thing for businesses as the need to move data and voice increase. As a result, it is important for you to ensure that your business gets what will work for it for now as well as within the expected growth, especially when data and voice are involved. For this to happen, structured cabling for data and voice is the way to go. This is because it provides an environment suitable for robust data transfers that integrate local and networked computer systems, telecommunication networks, and even security and surveillance systems.


With this post, we will discuss the benefits for the use of structured cabling for data and voice to your business.


Aesthetically pleasing network


Aesthetics is a matter of concern for the people interested in a neat setup that is well organized. Given that structured cabling for data and voice uses the star topology, it is neat as compared to a point to point system. This is quite important when looking to avert chaos since with cables running all over, it is easy for human-error to happen. This would lead to downtime, and this consequently affects the business negatively since it might take plenty of time to resolve.


Easy management


With structured cabling for data and voice in place, it is easy to perform management of the network with minimal effort or staff. This is made possible by the separation of equipment types and data to specialized outlets makes the management of the network quite easy. Likewise, when it comes to adding more functionality, the process is also easy and has minimum interruptions. Also, with designated outlets, it is possible to deploy a simple configuration that will support different devices.


Offers flexibility


The thing with structured cabling that network engineers love is that it is very flexible and is able to respond to quite a number of needs and configurations. For instance, if the needs in your business require a change of network architecture, all that is needed would be to plug the cables for your devices into the appropriate sockets, and the restructuring of your system is done. Also, since, structured cabling for data and video support data in all formats, devices can be easily swapped in and out as per the needs of the business, and this is highly desirable.


Easy to troubleshoot


From time to time, systems are bound to have some errors reported. In as much as this should be avoided, the most important thing is the time it would take to troubleshoot the issue. With structured cabling for data and voice, the troubleshooting process in quite enhanced and easy. This is due to the segregation of function and therefore when there is an issue on a particular function, it is possible to single it out and address it without interfering with the rest. This effectively means that if say the CCTV system has an issue, this can be troubleshot without affecting the business phones systems.




When considering structured cabling, it’s important to note that in as much as the initial cost of the set up might be high; this is a one-time thing. This is because for anything that follows, all you need to do is plug cables to the required sockets and you are good to go. Compared to any other system, this is the most cost-effective type of installation, and this is the reason it is highly recommended for businesses.




Owing to the high bandwidth capacity that structured cabling offer, it makes it quite a dependable system for a business that is projecting growth or remaining active for a while. Essentially, the set is forward thinking and can be able to handle virtually any need that the business might have in the future, including the much-anticipated internet of things.




As per a study that was done by Sage Research, internet telephony brought about increased productivity by up to 3.9 hours per week per employee. This is through the use of wifi phone systems, VOIP among other phone systems. This being the case, it is therefore very important to build a network system that will effectively handle the requirement of your business and structured cabling can never disappoint.

Structured Cabling: Six Pros for Your Business

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Also known as network cabling, structured cabling is a way of organizing all the cables in your business to create a good communications network. Larger cabling elements have smaller elements called subsystems connected to them, thus increasing the potential of your communications network. Here are six great reasons why structured cabling is so good for your business. 

# 1. Safety

Structured cabling has all wires and cables confined within a specified area. There are no dangling wires, no loose wires, and no swinging cables. This reduces the potential for fires, and also greatly reduces the possibility of individuals falling or tripping over wires and cables that have not been enclosed. Another advantage is that the risk of electrical shock is greatly reduced, too. 

# 2. Multiple Devices

In your business, you will probably want to expand your communications network beyond the confines of your traditional workplace. This would include new phone systems and the capability of connecting to Smart Cars, for instance, and Smartphones for your employees. Structured cabling gives you this capability. In addition, cameras, and video equipment are also able to be connected to this network, which increases the opportunity for effective cybersecurity, video security, and security solutions systems in your business and beyond. Surveillance cameras can help internally, too, by cutting down on employee theft, which, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, actually amounts to between $20 and $40 billion dollars a year, an amount which employers lose. 

# 3. Less Network Downtime

You are well aware, no doubt, that when issues of connectivity within your network occur, everything slows down in your business. Network downtime is an experience where no one wins. Structured cabling virtually eliminates the tangled wires and other situations which often lead to your network crashing or running improperly. 

# 4. Great Return on Your Investment

Since structured cabling is a much more efficient communications network, one of its best advantages will be that you and your clients will communicate much more efficiently. Also, your business will spend less money overall on maintenance, less money on wiring, less money on cables, and less money on equipment replacements. 

# 5. Easy to Manage

The brilliance of the structured cabling communications network design is that it is so easy to manage. It provides you with the capability of adding new wiring anytime you want. This is also very relevant if your company is growing and you are interested in expanding your system, as well as a great advantage if your business is considering moving possibly to another location.

# 6. Better Presentation

Making a great first impression is important in life, and in especially important business. The neat and orderly presentation associated with structured cabling for your network communications needs is more aesthetically pleasing than a tangled mess of loose wires dangling behind a desk. This attention to detail says a lot about you as a business person. Yes, you care about safety first; and yes, you also know that sometimes a book is judged by its cover. 

One thing is certain in business today: it is essential to have a fast, reliable communications network. With the various options available these days, and the ever-advancing world of technology, a structured cabling communications system is definitely a step in the right direction for your business needs. 

How to Determine What Your Structured Cabling Needs Are

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When it comes to your office, there are a lot of different forms of technology you probably use on a regular basis. This is especially true with there being 11 million meetings every day in the U.S., many of which involve technology like video conferences and VoIP services. And to make sure all of these different forms of technology are working properly, you need to start with the basics: cabling. So this article is going to explore a few tips to help you determine your structured cabling needs.

First off, it’s important to note that each structured cabling system is different because there are so many different variations to consider. This includes differences in cable and connection products, the structure of the building, the types of equipment the cabling is going to be used for, and overall customer needs. Depending on whether the cabling is going to be used for business phone systems, security solutions, VoIP business systems, or another business element, cabling needs can vary.

One of the first things you should consider when determining cabling needs is the speed you’re looking for. There are varying levels of capacity and flexibility with different cables, which means come cables can provide faster connections than others. Along with speed, it’s important to consider the distance the connection will have to travel. Measuring the necessary cable length can help decide what kind of speed can be met.

Additionally, security is a major deciding factor when considering your structured cabling needs. Different types of cables, like copper or fiber-optic, will have varying levels of immunity to electromagnetic interference. One of the biggest benefits of a hard-wired network is added security, compared to WiFi. So you need to consider which cables can offer more security, depending on the type and amount of security you’re looking for.

And last but not least, you need to consider what kind of quality you’re looking for in your cabling. A higher quality cable will more durable, easier to use, and more secure. But it’s important to remember that as quality goes up, usually the price does as well. So you need to find a cable within your budget that also meets your quality needs. This is where working with a reputable company will be extremely beneficial, as they can help find the perfect cable for your needs.

Having the right structured cabling system is important for easy use of your phone and security systems. So keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to find the right cabling in no time.

Congratulations Rich Pharaoh!!

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Congratulations are in order for ARG Technician, Rich Pharaoh! He just became another one of our technicians that are BICSI certified for Fiber Optic Cabling IN250! Rich has years of knowledge in this industry and we are so glad to have him as part of our team!


3 Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling into Your Business

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With the constantly updated technology, our world is always changing. In order to keep up with the changing times, adjustments may be made to reflect them. Businesses are always searching for easy and fast ways to stay connected, which is why many business owners turn to structured cabling for data and voice.

The structured cabling for data and voice system helps to ease the way of communication. It ensures that everything you need for communication, whether it be video or voice, is easily accessible and efficient. There are 11 million meetings each day in the United States on average, many involving video conferencing, VoIP services, etc, so having a good system is necessary. Let’s take a look at the other benefits of a structured cabling for data and voice system.

Easy to Manage
When dealing with the communication solutions, you won’t have to deal with always contacting a huge company any time there is a problem or if you need management assistance. Any problems with the structured cabling can be fixed with the help of a small number of people. Any changes or updates that need to be made can be made quickly and with minimal disruption, if any, to the business. 

More Flexible Systems
Many communications networks utilize a number of cables and wires. However, with the use of structured cabling, you don’t have to worry about using a bunch of different cables. The system is able to use one wire for everything. This is great for convenience and will help you avoid any headaches. The system is also great because you’re able to take the system down and move it elsewhere if you ever need to all while only dealing with one wire. 

Looks Better than Other Network Infrastructure
As stated before, the look of structured cabling is very minimal due to the use of only one cable. Any system that has multiple cords can hinder your productivity and efficiency. If you’re looking for a simple system that won’t cause harm to your business, look into installing a structured cabling system. They can save you time and money, which are essential needs for running a successful business. 

For a business that is looking to improve their efficiency and to save money, opting for a structured cabling system can help in those areas. It’s a minimal system that can save a company time and cut back on costs.

The Cabling “Cat” Is Out of the Bag

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When it comes to your wireless network, you want speed. At minimal cost. You don’t know (or care) about the details of the cabling that make it hum – you just want results. To ensure your network is up to par, here’s what you need to know.

Your current cabling may be outdated.
Your wired computer and phone systems rely on Ethernet cables. Over time, cabling becomes much slower than newer options. The issue is bandwidth – the amount of data carried per second. Did you know that bandwidth requirements for computer applications and cloud-based software double every 18 months? If you’ve had your cabling in place for a while, chances are it’s Category5 (Cat5), which is no longer current.

Cat6 cabling keeps you up to speed.
The newest and fastest cabling available is Cat6 – which supports up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). The technology in your office needs Cat6 to perform at optimal levels. About 80-90% of cabling installed today is Cat6.

Upgrading is a wise investment.
You might ask, “Is more speed worth the cost?” The answer is “yes”! While Cat6 cabling is more expensive, it typically costs just 10-20% more than Cat5. With noticeably quicker speeds, and the capacity to accommodate today’s data requirements, Cat6 is a worthy investment. In addition, Cat6 can work “backwards,” so applications that work with Cat5 are also compatible with Cat6.

To “future-proof” your network with Cat6 cabling, call ARG Communications at (302) 225-2000 or email