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How to Determine What Your Structured Cabling Needs Are

When it comes to your office, there are a lot of different forms of technology you probably use on a regular basis. This is especially true with there being 11 million meetings every day in the U.S., many of which involve technology like video conferences and VoIP services. And to make sure all of these...
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Congratulations Rich Pharaoh!!

Congratulations are in order for ARG Technician, Rich Pharaoh! He just became another one of our technicians that are BICSI certified for Fiber Optic Cabling IN250! Rich has years of knowledge in this industry and we are so glad to have him as part of our team!

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3 Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling into Your Business

With the constantly updated technology, our world is always changing. In order to keep up with the changing times, adjustments may be made to reflect them. Businesses are always searching for easy and fast ways to stay connected, which is why many business owners turn to structured cabling for data and voice. The structured cabling for...
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The Cabling “Cat” Is Out of the Bag

When it comes to your wireless network, you want speed. At minimal cost. You don’t know (or care) about the details of the cabling that make it hum – you just want results. To ensure your network is up to par, here’s what you need to know. Your current cabling may be outdated. Your...
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