Learn More About the Installation of Voice and Data Cabling

installation of voice and data cabling

Approximately 64 million employees (about 50% of the workforce), have a job that is compatible with at least part-time teleworking. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is a great way to make phone systems flexible and portable while increasing employee efficiency. To ensure that your staff is working with the best technology available and to increase your network infrastructure, consider the installation of voice and data cabling. Below are some examples of services available through the installation of voice and data cabling.

VoIP Business Systems

Not sure if a VoIP system is right for you? Then consider the benefits: VoIP eliminates your phone line, replacing it with the installation of voice and data cabling. This has the potential to save you money on your monthly phone bill, in addition to upgrading your phone systems securely and efficiently. This technology has the capacity to increase your communications networks, improve your security, and increase efficiency. It is also easy to use and extremely reliable.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Now that you’ve decided to install a hosted phone system with VoIP technology, consider choosing additional upgrades for your other wiring needs. Installation of voice and data cabling is the best option for hosted phone systems, however, your security system may benefit from fiber structured cabling. This fiber optic cabling is ideal for security camera systems because it improves network infrastructure while providing the best performance through redundancy and improved usability.

Audio Visual Systems

Installation of voice and data cabling does not only benefit your hosted phone system, it can also be integrated into your audiovisual system. This is ideal for classroom, conference room, or meeting room technology that can enhance your communications networks. Some examples include sound and paging equipment (ideal for healthcare and retail environments), digital signage/video walls (great for the classroom), and conference room solutions to upgrade your digital communication with associates and clients.

Increased Telework Capability

As mentioned previously, the number of people who telework continues to increase. The installation of voice and data cabling gives you the ability to work from anywhere that has internet access. There’s no need to be tied to the phone in your office when you can simply take calls on your cell phone via an easy-to-install app. Additionally, you can also turn your laptop into your office phone that can be used in conjunction with your office phone, allowing your calls to be received anywhere there’s internet access.

Looking to upgrade your technology? Then start with the installation of voice and data cabling that gives you and your employees the freedom to telework efficiently, utilize VoIP technology, and enhance your security through structured cabling. Contact your local telecommunications leader today to learn more about these products and services, and how they can benefit your business.