6 benefits of structured cabling for data and voice in your business

The need for a reliable network is currently a big thing for businesses as the need to move data and voice increase. As a result, it is important for you to ensure that your business gets what will work for it for now as well as within the expected growth, especially when data and voice are involved. For this to happen, structured cabling for data and voice is the way to go. This is because it provides an environment suitable for robust data transfers that integrate local and networked computer systems, telecommunication networks, and even security and surveillance systems.


With this post, we will discuss the benefits for the use of structured cabling for data and voice to your business.


Aesthetically pleasing network


Aesthetics is a matter of concern for the people interested in a neat setup that is well organized. Given that structured cabling for data and voice uses the star topology, it is neat as compared to a point to point system. This is quite important when looking to avert chaos since with cables running all over, it is easy for human-error to happen. This would lead to downtime, and this consequently affects the business negatively since it might take plenty of time to resolve.


Easy management


With structured cabling for data and voice in place, it is easy to perform management of the network with minimal effort or staff. This is made possible by the separation of equipment types and data to specialized outlets makes the management of the network quite easy. Likewise, when it comes to adding more functionality, the process is also easy and has minimum interruptions. Also, with designated outlets, it is possible to deploy a simple configuration that will support different devices.


Offers flexibility


The thing with structured cabling that network engineers love is that it is very flexible and is able to respond to quite a number of needs and configurations. For instance, if the needs in your business require a change of network architecture, all that is needed would be to plug the cables for your devices into the appropriate sockets, and the restructuring of your system is done. Also, since, structured cabling for data and video support data in all formats, devices can be easily swapped in and out as per the needs of the business, and this is highly desirable.


Easy to troubleshoot


From time to time, systems are bound to have some errors reported. In as much as this should be avoided, the most important thing is the time it would take to troubleshoot the issue. With structured cabling for data and voice, the troubleshooting process in quite enhanced and easy. This is due to the segregation of function and therefore when there is an issue on a particular function, it is possible to single it out and address it without interfering with the rest. This effectively means that if say the CCTV system has an issue, this can be troubleshot without affecting the business phones systems.




When considering structured cabling, it’s important to note that in as much as the initial cost of the set up might be high; this is a one-time thing. This is because for anything that follows, all you need to do is plug cables to the required sockets and you are good to go. Compared to any other system, this is the most cost-effective type of installation, and this is the reason it is highly recommended for businesses.




Owing to the high bandwidth capacity that structured cabling offer, it makes it quite a dependable system for a business that is projecting growth or remaining active for a while. Essentially, the set is forward thinking and can be able to handle virtually any need that the business might have in the future, including the much-anticipated internet of things.




As per a study that was done by Sage Research, internet telephony brought about increased productivity by up to 3.9 hours per week per employee. This is through the use of wifi phone systems, VOIP among other phone systems. This being the case, it is therefore very important to build a network system that will effectively handle the requirement of your business and structured cabling can never disappoint.