More Delaware business are choosing hosted phone systems. Here’s why.

Do you want to provide better service for your customers? Do you want to significantly reduce operating costs? Many Delaware businesses in the market for a new phone system are choosing hosted business phone systems over managing the hardware and phone systems on premise.

On premise phone systems are complex, require ongoing maintenance and upgrades, and rely on an expensive informational technology staff to keep them up and running.

Conversely, hosted Delaware business systems are the trend of the future.

1) Fewer phone system headaches: With hosted Delaware business systems, the telephone hosting provider handles almost everything for you. Using the state of the art, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you can prevent many of the on-premise headaches. Hosted phone systems allow businesses to focus on doing what they do best – managing their day to day business activities.

2) Less downtime: Can you afford to have a phone system outage? Using a hosted Delaware phone system practically eliminates the need for downtime during maintenance and upgrades. The upgrades will be almost invisible to your team members and they can continue servicing your customers.

In addition, many hosted, commercial telephone systems are designed with multiple points of redundancy. This means if one segment of the system fails, another segment can step in and take over the operations.

3) More secure: When you contract with a hosted telecommunications leader, sensitive information and data are stored outside of your business and on your provider’s secure servers. In addition, the provider will keep up to date with hardware and software security patch needs, which will free up your technical staff to manage other technology needs.

4) Higher employee productivity: Your employees are the lifeline of your company and using hosted Delaware business systems provides them with many benefits.

Can you afford to take your employees away from their day jobs to sit in a multi-day, hardware and software training session for a new phone system? Between the drop in productivity and the costs for the trainer, food and conference rooms, this is probably not an ideal option. When a business installs a new hosted phone system, its employees do not have to be highly technical in order to use it. The system is intuitive, and employees simply need training on how to make and receive phone calls and to leverage the voicemail options.

Do you have team members that work remotely? You are in good company because up to 64 million U.S employees have a job that includes some telecommuting. When employees telecommute, they must have phone service. With VoIP technology, your phone system becomes flexible and portable.

In addition, with minimal downtime your employees will always be ready to service your customers.

5) Great business results: What is the formula for achieving a healthy business bottom line? It is ideal if you have highly productive employees, great customer service and reduced operating costs. Leveraging a hosted Delaware business system will give you all three.

For all of these reasons and more, hosted business phone systems are the trend of the future. It’s time to get on board.