Structured Cabling: Six Pros for Your Business

Also known as network cabling, structured cabling is a way of organizing all the cables in your business to create a good communications network. Larger cabling elements have smaller elements called subsystems connected to them, thus increasing the potential of your communications network. Here are six great reasons why structured cabling is so good for your business. 

# 1. Safety

Structured cabling has all wires and cables confined within a specified area. There are no dangling wires, no loose wires, and no swinging cables. This reduces the potential for fires, and also greatly reduces the possibility of individuals falling or tripping over wires and cables that have not been enclosed. Another advantage is that the risk of electrical shock is greatly reduced, too. 

# 2. Multiple Devices

In your business, you will probably want to expand your communications network beyond the confines of your traditional workplace. This would include new phone systems and the capability of connecting to Smart Cars, for instance, and Smartphones for your employees. Structured cabling gives you this capability. In addition, cameras, and video equipment are also able to be connected to this network, which increases the opportunity for effective cybersecurity, video security, and security solutions systems in your business and beyond. Surveillance cameras can help internally, too, by cutting down on employee theft, which, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, actually amounts to between $20 and $40 billion dollars a year, an amount which employers lose. 

# 3. Less Network Downtime

You are well aware, no doubt, that when issues of connectivity within your network occur, everything slows down in your business. Network downtime is an experience where no one wins. Structured cabling virtually eliminates the tangled wires and other situations which often lead to your network crashing or running improperly. 

# 4. Great Return on Your Investment

Since structured cabling is a much more efficient communications network, one of its best advantages will be that you and your clients will communicate much more efficiently. Also, your business will spend less money overall on maintenance, less money on wiring, less money on cables, and less money on equipment replacements. 

# 5. Easy to Manage

The brilliance of the structured cabling communications network design is that it is so easy to manage. It provides you with the capability of adding new wiring anytime you want. This is also very relevant if your company is growing and you are interested in expanding your system, as well as a great advantage if your business is considering moving possibly to another location.

# 6. Better Presentation

Making a great first impression is important in life, and in especially important business. The neat and orderly presentation associated with structured cabling for your network communications needs is more aesthetically pleasing than a tangled mess of loose wires dangling behind a desk. This attention to detail says a lot about you as a business person. Yes, you care about safety first; and yes, you also know that sometimes a book is judged by its cover. 

One thing is certain in business today: it is essential to have a fast, reliable communications network. With the various options available these days, and the ever-advancing world of technology, a structured cabling communications system is definitely a step in the right direction for your business needs.