How to Determine What Your Structured Cabling Needs Are

When it comes to your office, there are a lot of different forms of technology you probably use on a regular basis. This is especially true with there being 11 million meetings every day in the U.S., many of which involve technology like video conferences and VoIP services. And to make sure all of these different forms of technology are working properly, you need to start with the basics: cabling. So this article is going to explore a few tips to help you determine your structured cabling needs.

First off, it’s important to note that each structured cabling system is different because there are so many different variations to consider. This includes differences in cable and connection products, the structure of the building, the types of equipment the cabling is going to be used for, and overall customer needs. Depending on whether the cabling is going to be used for business phone systems, security solutions, VoIP business systems, or another business element, cabling needs can vary.

One of the first things you should consider when determining cabling needs is the speed you’re looking for. There are varying levels of capacity and flexibility with different cables, which means come cables can provide faster connections than others. Along with speed, it’s important to consider the distance the connection will have to travel. Measuring the necessary cable length can help decide what kind of speed can be met.

Additionally, security is a major deciding factor when considering your structured cabling needs. Different types of cables, like copper or fiber-optic, will have varying levels of immunity to electromagnetic interference. One of the biggest benefits of a hard-wired network is added security, compared to WiFi. So you need to consider which cables can offer more security, depending on the type and amount of security you’re looking for.

And last but not least, you need to consider what kind of quality you’re looking for in your cabling. A higher quality cable will more durable, easier to use, and more secure. But it’s important to remember that as quality goes up, usually the price does as well. So you need to find a cable within your budget that also meets your quality needs. This is where working with a reputable company will be extremely beneficial, as they can help find the perfect cable for your needs.

Having the right structured cabling system is important for easy use of your phone and security systems. So keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to find the right cabling in no time.