Answering Your Biggest Questions About Structured Cabling

Structured cabling systems are the backbone of communication and efficiency. This type of cabling system is best known for its hierarchical design. The design involves panels, cables, connectors, and more. According to PR News Wire, the structured cabling market will have a revenue of $12,916.5 by 2030. This article will cover your most significant questions regarding structured cabling for data and voice.


Many people wonder why this type of cabling is so essential. Yes, structured cabling does offer increased efficiency. However, that’s not the only reason for its importance. The structure of this cabling system makes it easy to scale your business, ensuring you’ll continue to enjoy efficiency no matter how large your company gets.


There are several components to a structured cabling for data and voice. The cables are usually fiber optic cables that help transmit information and voice. Connectors join the cables to other system parts such as other cables. All of the cables are typically connected to a panel. Any system used to organize cables is commonly referred to as cable management.


Many businesses wonder if they must update their system to a structured cabling network. Utilizing a structured cabling network for data and voice provides several benefits. This system reduces installation and maintenance costs in the long run, helping save money. It provides more reliable performance, streamlines maintenance, and can easily be tailored to meet the needs of any business.


Structured cabling can support current networks. However, it’s also designed for the future. When businesses add new systems or ideas to their business, such as VoIP or video conferencing, this system can easily support it. The excellent bandwidth means you can enjoy updating aspects of your network without developing a new system.


Many people think of large cabling systems for large businesses. However, several companies will enjoy the benefits. Small and medium enterprises will appreciate how reliable these systems are. They won’t have to worry about losing customers because of an unstable network. The organization and benefits make this one of the most versatile cable networks.

We understand that many businesses aren’t using structured cabling for data and voice services. However, everyone can benefit from these networks. Contact ARG when you’re ready to learn more by giving us a call or filling out a form on our website.