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Improving Physical Security in the Workplace

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There is so much talk about cybersecurity, and security solutions for protecting data, that it can be easy to get sidetracked and forget about physical security. Complete Delaware business systems should include security camera systems Delaware business owners can use to provide physical security for their business.

We live in an age where the threats do not just live online, nor do they just live in the physical world. Threats are everywhere. Managing those threats start with Delaware business systems that can cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s by delivering security service that blankets your business is protected.

Protection Your Premises

Unfortunately, the threat to your premises do not just exist from intruders or unauthorized personnel, sometimes the threat is a lot closer to home. A state of the art security camera system helps to keep everyone honest.

According to statistics released by the US Chamber of Commerce, theft by employees cost businesses about $30 billion a year. Security cameras can help to reduce those costs.

A visual record of who is entering your premises and where they are going while they are on property can help to reduce:

  • Entry into unauthorized areas by employees
  • The risk of losses
  • Night time break-ins and unauthorized entry

You cannot be everywhere to watch everything, but cutting edge security camera systems can be. A security camera system can be the ideal deterrent to help reduce risk across the board. It can also be the tool that helps you to keep fully informed about what is going on at your business property no matter where you are.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Protecting your business not only reduces risk it also helps you to stay focused on your core business obligations. Instead of wondering what is happening on the property, you can put your focus where it does the most good for your business.

Of course, it is important to have Delaware business systems that are protected from cyber-attacks, but it is just as important to protect your physical property. The right Delaware business systems firm can help you to both.

Get the support that you need to ensure every area of your business is protected and highly functional, and enjoy the peace of mind full protection can deliver.

Congratulations Matt Padilla!

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Congratulations are in order for our ARG technician, Matt Padilla!! He just became another of our technicians that is BICSI certified for fiber optic cabling te350! Matt has years of knowledge in this industry and we are so glad he is part of our team!

3 Tech Tools You Need If Your Employees Work From Home

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We don’t work the way we used to. The newer generations coming into the workforce work differently than past generations. They don’t stay in one place for very long and they like work flexibility, according to NBC News.

Work flexibility seems to be becoming the new norm, and that includes working from home. There needs to be quite a bit of trust between employer and employee before the work-from-home lifestyle can be accepted, but you know they are ready for it. There are some tools that you should explore for your office before you let them loose, though. Here are some that will make your work-from-home employees’ lives much easier.

Phone Systems

Conference calling is a must for employees who work from home. There are 11 million meetings that take place on an average day in the United States, and many of them involve video conferencing, VoIP services, etc. If employees had to be physically present for every meeting, working from home would be almost pointless. We offer a great phone system Delaware trusts, so we might be just right for you. We offer phone system installation as well, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Screen Sharing

This is essential when two employees are not in the same room but need to be able to view each other’s screens. If they want to discuss contracts, plans, documents, or quotes, being able to screen share with each other or their clients is a must.

Video Calling

This one goes along the same lines as the phone systems but adds one more step. Sometimes face-to-face communication is ideal, and video calling makes that possible without a trip to the office. These calls allow non-verbal communication to be apart of the meeting when a simple phone call does not.

If you want to allow your employees to work from home, that’s great. Make sure you have phone systems for calls, screen sharing capabilities, and video call conferences. If you are looking for a phone system Delaware relies on, or any other communication tool, make sure to contact us today.

Why Your Company Will Benefit from Advanced Telecommunication Services

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Today, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some sort of telecommunication device, especially in an office setting. While virtual communication may seem less personal, in many cases telecommunication makes collaboration between groups and individuals more efficient.

Here are just a few of the ways a trusted telecommunications leader like ARG Communications can revamp your office communications networks:

Customer Service

Though many companies have started offering customer service options via email, social media, or live portals on their website, almost all companies still use the traditional method: business phone systems.

Call management techniques are essential to customer service reps, especially when they become flooded with calls and lines are busy. With modern business phone systems, it’s still possible to have customers self-route their inquiries by pressing specific phone keys to reach a certain department. This method proves to be much easier than having the customer explain the situation, only to be routed to another representative, and then placed on hold.

Another issue that may arise is the possibility of phone line interference. When lines are interrupted by an outside factor, the affected company must call someone to have the lines fixed or keep someone on staff that knows what to do. Hosted phone systems, however, do not have this issue. These phones are maintained off-site, which means the phone system provider can fix any issues that may arise.


Telecom systems can also assist in collaboration between departments (even if those departments are on opposite sides of the world). While many businesses separate their departments, employees still must work together in order to reach a company goal.

VOIP technology can be used collaboratively in a number of ways, like allowing employees to video conference with each other instead of taking time away from their desks to discuss problem solving.

Remote Workers

Similarly, remote VOIP conferences allow absent or faraway employees to take part in group conversations from anywhere they have an internet connection. Smartphones, laptops, or other mobile devices allow employees to stream in or work from anywhere.

Many employees spend the majority of their workdays face-to-face with clients, travelling, or even working from home, not in the office. VOIP not only supports collaborative efforts within the building’s walls, but also extends these capabilities to off-site employees.

There are more than 11 million business meetings in the U.S. every day. A true telecommunications leader like ARG Communications can help your company reach its full potential by allowing employees to better communicate in these meetings, improve customer service, and create new opportunities for teamwork.

The 21st century is an amazing place. Don’t let your office get stuck in the past.

ARG attends RDC’s 20th Anniversary as Patron Sponsor

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The Riverfront Development Corporation held a luncheon at the Chase Center on the Wilmington Riverfront on April 8, 2016 to commemorate their last 20 years and to look forward to the next 20. ARG attended as a Patron Sponsor alongside hundreds of politicians, businesspeople, and residents of Wilmington. Through the Riverfront Development Corporation, the riverfront has transformed from a wasteland to a place where thousands of
people can live, work, and enjoy themselves.

We are proud to have been involved in the growth of the Wilmington Riverfront by providing services for the Chase Center, Delaware Children’s Museum, Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge, Penn Cinemas Riverfront IMAX theatre, and the Riverfront Development Corporation itself. Services provided by ARG over the years include phone system servicing, cabling, mounting access points, and more.

More about the event can be viewed at More information about the Wilmington Riverfront and what it has to offer can be found at

Thanks for Calling

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“Hello. Welcome to XYZ Industries. For Sales, press 1. For Customer Service, press 2.” Sound familiar? In today’s high-tech world, voicemail and automated attendant greetings seem more common than “Hello, may I help you?”

If your business greets callers with messages, make sure the greetings leave a good impression. Follow these simple “greeting etiquette” rules to make clients and prospects feel welcome.

For voicemail:

Keep it short and sweet. Include your name and department, and mention the company name. Don’t exceed 25 seconds; callers want to leave their message quickly.

Be informative. Give callers the details you’ll need to help them (like an order number). This avoids back-and-forth calls. Mention where callers can find answers on their own and the steps they should take in a rush situation.

Focus on sound quality. Practice before you record so you speak clearly and confidently. Record your message in a quiet room, and pause only between sentences.

For an auto attendant:

Start with a “welcome” greeting about the business. A short and simple statement works fine.

Spell out the options. With each option, name the department and the number to press (“for Billing, press 1”). Let callers know if they can dial a direct extension sooner. Limit the options to five, when possible, to avoid caller frustration.

Don’t be too polite. We’re not suggesting you be rude! Just don’t say “please” before each option; it’s too repetitive.

Choose a good speaker. Have an articulate speaker record the message. If you prefer a professional recording, ARG Communications provides this service for a nominal fee.

For more information on greeting messages, or to learn how ARG Communications can streamline your organization’s communication systems, please contact us at (302) 225-2000 or

10-Year Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

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ARG celebrated their 10-year company anniversary on May 9, 2013 at Firestone Roasting House on the Wilmington Riverfront. Attendees included representatives from the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce. Certificates of Appreciation were given to numerous customers including MaryPat Kwoka from Premier Dermatology, Joe Filipolli from CareKinesis, and Greg Gurev from MySherpa.

ARG awarded State of Delaware Cabling Contract

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ARG Communications was awarded the State of Delaware Cabling Contract! For installation of Voice, Data and fiber Cabling in Delaware ARG Communications is the #1 choice.