Most Common Mistakes Made With Video Security Systems

When it comes to your business, protecting it and its assets is of the utmost importance. That’s why many businesses choose to protect their premises and employees with video surveillance systems. These systems prevent theft (both internal and external) and also provide valuable information in the event that a theft or other crime is attempted.

That being said, there are many mistakes that are easy to make when installing a video security system. Check some of them out below to make sure you don’t make them when setting up your own:

Not Enough Coverage
Video surveillance cameras are affordable enough these days that if you decide to invest in a system, you should splurge and make sure that you have enough to cover all at-risk areas. After all, what use is one camera if it isn’t able to record everything you need it to? Make sure that you have enough cameras to protect your business.

No Remote Access
Viewing your cameras remotely is very important, and not every system offers this feature. But being able to access your cameras remotely, even on your smart phone, could make a huge difference in how much you use them. If you have to take tapes down from the actual camera, you probably won’t actually use them very much at all. There are many low-cost and cloud-connected video cameras available with resolutions between 720 and 1080.

Bad Positioning
You may have video security coverage, but are you watching the right places? Are you making sure that every camera maximizes its capabilities? For instance, a camera should never be pointed at the ground, and obstructions should be taken into account. Something else that is often not taken into consideration is the effect of light — your cameras definitely shouldn’t be exposed to too much light, or too little, to provide good quality video.

Technology today allows you to seamlessly streamline your business, including your phone systems, closed-circuit television systems, and video security systems. You can easily avoid the problems posed by setting up a new video surveillance system and rest easy knowing how much safer your business is.