Why Your Company Will Benefit from Advanced Telecommunication Services

Today, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some sort of telecommunication device, especially in an office setting. While virtual communication may seem less personal, in many cases telecommunication makes collaboration between groups and individuals more efficient.

Here are just a few of the ways a trusted telecommunications leader like ARG Communications can revamp your office communications networks:

Customer Service

Though many companies have started offering customer service options via email, social media, or live portals on their website, almost all companies still use the traditional method: business phone systems.

Call management techniques are essential to customer service reps, especially when they become flooded with calls and lines are busy. With modern business phone systems, it’s still possible to have customers self-route their inquiries by pressing specific phone keys to reach a certain department. This method proves to be much easier than having the customer explain the situation, only to be routed to another representative, and then placed on hold.

Another issue that may arise is the possibility of phone line interference. When lines are interrupted by an outside factor, the affected company must call someone to have the lines fixed or keep someone on staff that knows what to do. Hosted phone systems, however, do not have this issue. These phones are maintained off-site, which means the phone system provider can fix any issues that may arise.


Telecom systems can also assist in collaboration between departments (even if those departments are on opposite sides of the world). While many businesses separate their departments, employees still must work together in order to reach a company goal.

VOIP technology can be used collaboratively in a number of ways, like allowing employees to video conference with each other instead of taking time away from their desks to discuss problem solving.

Remote Workers

Similarly, remote VOIP conferences allow absent or faraway employees to take part in group conversations from anywhere they have an internet connection. Smartphones, laptops, or other mobile devices allow employees to stream in or work from anywhere.

Many employees spend the majority of their workdays face-to-face with clients, travelling, or even working from home, not in the office. VOIP not only supports collaborative efforts within the building’s walls, but also extends these capabilities to off-site employees.

There are more than 11 million business meetings in the U.S. every day. A true telecommunications leader like ARG Communications can help your company reach its full potential by allowing employees to better communicate in these meetings, improve customer service, and create new opportunities for teamwork.

The 21st century is an amazing place. Don’t let your office get stuck in the past.