A Dirty Security Camera Is Not A Pretty Picture

Installing a security camera to protect your business, school, or organization is a wise decision. But for optimal performance, the camera must be properly cleaned and maintained. Fuzzy pictures taken through a smudgy lens don’t provide full protection! To increase your security camera’s lifespan and efficiency, follow these tips.

Check your lighting. Make sure your lighting is sufficient and works properly. A quality camera with poor lighting yields subpar images.

Monitor the camera’s setting. Routinely examine the area around the camera. For outdoor cameras, look for overgrown plants or other obstructions blocking the view. If you have an enclosed box camera, inspect the enclosure for insect eggs, spider webs, or nests. Also check the enclosed fan, heater, and wiring to ensure they are intact and functioning.

Clean your camera properly. Dust and dirt on a camera diminish image quality, so regularly clean your camera inside and out. Soft dry brushes, microfiber cloths, and compressed air cans are generally best for removing dirt and dust. Try a damp cloth to clean the outside of an enclosure and a lens-cleaning cloth to clean the camera’s lens without scratching it.

Turn off your equipment when you clean it. This allows you to clean not only the camera’s lens but also the rest of the equipment—and it preserves the electrical system.

What’s the most important tip for cleaning your camera equipment? Follow the manufacturer’s product-specific instructions! What’s the best way to get the job done quickly and easily? Call ARG!

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