Security Solutions, Explained

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any business or homeowner. Having reliable security to protect personal and business assets are important to maintaining a safe environment. Studies have shown that having closed circuit video surveillance systems can reduce theft and loss of personal and business-related artifacts by up to 80%. Not only can you protect your assets, but several companies make it possible to do so at a low cost. Many cloud-connected video surveillance cameras come with resolutions up to 1080 pixels and low price tags. This makes the technology for security solutions like CCTV more accessible to people like homeowners and small business owners, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such high-quality equipment.

For those who may be considering security for their business or home, knowing the benefits of having security intelligence could be the difference between success for a business or region, and safety for a household. Below are a few basic benefits of having security solutions in place to protect what’s most important to you:

Improved Compliance Ability
Much of Information Technology (IT) is making sure to stay within regulation guidelines. While complying with these regulations does not confirm a completely secure environment, the penalties that are possible for failing to comply are given just as much importance as IT itself. Security solutions allow for regulatory and internal policy compliance to be monitored, measured, and made accountable.

Better Detection of Threats
In today’s society, security systems are under attack at all times of the day, hundreds of times a day. Security intelligence systems help to easily detect these threats and address them as soon as possible. This includes threats both internal and external and from just about any medium.

Reduced Data Leakage
Although external threats and attacks are the most common things people think of when thinking of what to protect their assets from, internal threats are just — if not more — dangerous. Internal threats, such as employees, have the ability to compromise not only intellectual property but, in some cases, national security as well. By implementing proper security solutions, organizations and individuals can detect things like VoIP toll fraud, which is a bigger threat than most understand.

The VoIP industry has grown by more than 50% since 2011 and is expected to have around 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2018. Because it is Internet based, voip services are vulnerable to attacks. IT specialists are aware of this problem and use various solutions to combat this.

Whether protecting your business or your family, security is always important. Explore your security options and maintain a safe, healthy environment.