Moving Is No Treat. These Tricks Can Help.

Moving your office is a lot of work, and the logistics can be daunting. But when you plan ahead, moving your communications systems can be a smooth and seamless process. Just follow these steps:

Look into transferring your phone number. Keeping your business’ phone number provides continuity. Since it is not always possible at a new location, do your research early on. You can get a new number if needed – and keep things up and running by being prepared.

Assess your new site’s WiFi readiness. Some areas still do not have cell phone service, so checking the cellular signal is essential.

Engage your telecommunications firm upfront. Get on your vendor’s schedule as soon as possible to minimize a loss in productivity during your move.

Map out where your equipment will go. Consider wireless access points, phones, computers, fax machines, and scanners.

Assess your new facility’s technology readiness. Are the data rooms cool enough? Are they big enough to accommodate all your telecom and IT needs? Your move is the perfect time to assess your technology and consider upgrades.

Have a backup plan. If there is a power failure, you need a backup system to ensure your business keeps running like clockwork.

Let ARG Communications help you with all of the above. Partner with us during your office move, and we’ll take these tasks off your hands. We’ll work with the phone company to move your phone number (or coordinate a new one if necessary). We’ll also do a site assessment to determine if you need an upgraded phone system, new wiring, or more phone jacks. Then, we’ll map out where everything should go. We’ll also:

• Find out which communications carriers (such as Comcast and Verizon) are available and coordinate your move with the one you choose

Ensure WiFi-readiness, installing cellular repeaters if needed

Install voice and data cabling

Move your phone system and install the voice lines

• Back up your communications systems

Plus, we’ll be onsite on moving day to interface with your carrier and handle any issues that arise – so you can concentrate on getting back to business.

To get things moving, call ARG Communications at (302) 225-2000 or email We proudly serve the Delaware and Greater Philadelphia region.