Telecommuting is Becoming Increasingly Popular, Report Shows

According to Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll, the percentage of people who have telecommuted, both part- and full-time, climbed from 30% in 2008 to 37% in 2015, and that number is climbing every single day.

Nearly 64 million U.S employees, or 50% of the workforce, holds a job that allows them to work from home at least part time. With the addition of new technologies and communication solutions — plus the constant urge to check your email inbox — the number of telecommuters is set to increase even more within the next few years.

As of now, the U.S. News and World Report says that 4% of employees in Delaware are full-time telecommuters who are working from their home or on the road while travelling. Though that number seems quite low, the number of workers who telecommute part time is much higher.

But many companies are not creating environments that allow their employees to work from home or remotely. While some industries, like manufacturing, retail, food service, or other jobs that require their workers to be physically present, are obviously unable to grant work from home benefits, many industries can. Sales and marketing professionals, social media managers, software engineers, and designers, for example, are all able to enjoy the luxury of telecommuting.

In many cases though, these employees are bound to their desks, often less productive than they would be otherwise.

The benefits of telecommuting are vast for both employer and employee. Not only are workers often more productive in their own environments, they are often happier as well. Working from home allows many employees to spend more time with their families, attend doctor’s appointments or other engagements, and reduces unscheduled time off from work.

Telecommuting also eradicates the need for lengthy commutes, which can often exhaust and anger workers. When employees are able to work from home, they are able to avoid rush hour traffic and possible accidents as well.

Businesses who have telecommuting employees need communication solutions like cutting edge Delaware business phone systems. These secure digital phone systems lower costs of phone systems and enable video conferencing, among other benefits.

ARG Communications can deliver the network infrastructure and telephone systems needed to make telecommuting efficient and desirable for employers and workers alike. If you have any questions about telecommunication software for the modern office, give us a call.