The Real Cost of Office Security

security camera system

When you are interested in installing a security camera system for your business, there are three major components to the overall cost of office security. This includes the security hardware, installation and activation fee, and alarm monitoring. While the numbers are usually broad ranges, they give you a good idea of the price you can expect.

Security Hardware

The cost range for security hardware is an average of $1,000 to $10,000. Therefore, the average cost for a small to medium business is about $3,000. This accounts for the equipment that you need to install inside and outside of your building to monitor your business. Many companies can sell you a low-cost, cloud-connected security camera with resolutions between 720 or 1080 pixels. However, that may not be the right equipment for your business needs. Some of the components you need for your business include video cameras and closed-caption TV. In addition, you need an access control center and alarm monitoring hardware.

Installation and Activation Fees

When you are considering a security camera system for your business, you will have installation fees. This is the cost of labor that is associated with the wiring and installation of security systems for businesses. You can expect the costs of these items to be between $300 to $700. The average cost is around $500.

Alarm Monitoring

Once you have your security camera system set up, you will need some monitoring services. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $120 on average for alarm monitoring. You may consider fire and CO monitoring in addition to burglary and alarm monitoring. The amount you pay per month will impact how much coverage you receive per month.

Total Costs

You can expect upfront costs of about $2,000. If you opt to have professional monitoring, you will pay around $60 per month after the installation of the system. It would be best if you prepared for the higher price when it comes to installing your security camera system so you don’t reach over your budget.

When you are protecting your business, you should consider a security camera system. While it may seem like a high price to pay upfront, securing your business is priceless. If you are interested in installing a security system, contact a professional at ARG to recommend the equipment you need to keep your business safe.