What Are the Benefits of a Hosted Phone System?

hosted phone system

Those who are in the market for a new communication system may have heard the terms “hosted” or “cloud” being tossed around. You may have wondered what a hosted phone system is all about. Hosted phone systems can provide benefits for both large and small businesses. This guide will help you better understand a hosted phone system, along with its benefits.

How Does a Hosted Phone System Work?

When your business needs a phone system, that system will be connected to what’s called the Cloud. This Cloud enables the phone system to be connected to a server. This is usually charged based on a monthly fee. This means that all the phones at your business will be connected to the same server and data center. This system is what will need to have regular updates and maintenance to ensure that it is working properly. This phone system can be monitored by you or by a hosting company.

Cloud Solutions vs Hosted Phone System

A true Cloud solution and a hosted phone system are different from each other. A Cloud phone system is provided via the internet and can offer a wide variety of options for businesses. These features are available to consumers for a fee and could include different packages or offerings. However, there are limitations to using the Cloud. If there is an internet outage, this could affect your system. Therefore, it is important to communicate effectively with the company to be aware of any backup solutions. A traditional phone line can be replaced with VoIP saving 20% to 50% on a monthly bill.

A hosted phone system is different than a Cloud solution. This is because this type of solution is set up to be handled by a third party and is located off the job site. This means that your system will be handled by experts, making sure that your licensing updates are taken care of and any application upgrades. When utilizing a hosted system, you can choose direct services that will meet the needs of your business.

Choose a Professional Business Phone System Installation Company

Speaking with a telephone systems company, you will be able to understand just how those professionals can help to meet the needs of your business. From security camera systems to telephone systems, you will want to find a telecommunications leader in the industry.