5 Ways to Ring Up Savings on Your Phone Service

When E.T. phoned home, he didn’t worry about the cost. In your office, however, phone service fees are a major concern. Did you know you can minimize phone-related costs without compromising quality? In fact, you might even improve it.

Switch to Internet-based lines. When you replace traditional phone lines with voice over IP (VoIP), calls go over a broadband Internet connection. This technology lowers your monthly bill.

Set up virtual phone numbers. A virtual phone number automatically forwards to another number. It’s part of your phone system but not tied to a specific location, so employees can telecommute in a way that’s transparent to clients. This saves on office expenses. Virtual phone numbers also allow on-site employees to work remotely when they have personal commitments, minimizing lost productivity.

Set up Direct Inward Dial (DID). With DID, callers dial a number that takes them right to the person they want to reach. This improves the callers’ experience, because they bypass the “gatekeeper” switchboard. You can also save money by not needing a receptionist.

Set up Voicemail-to-Email capability. With this service, your voicemail messages are sent to your email as sound files. Even when you’re out of the office, you get your messages immediately. You can act quickly on new leads and client calls, maintaining good customer service.

Use messaging platforms. This technology lets you easily communicate with coworkers from your computer. It’s faster than email, and you don’t have to put callers on hold while you get needed information. It’s like texting, but without the fees.

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