Thanks for Calling

“Hello. Welcome to XYZ Industries. For Sales, press 1. For Customer Service, press 2.” Sound familiar? In today’s high-tech world, voicemail and automated attendant greetings seem more common than “Hello, may I help you?”

If your business greets callers with messages, make sure the greetings leave a good impression. Follow these simple “greeting etiquette” rules to make clients and prospects feel welcome.

For voicemail:

Keep it short and sweet. Include your name and department, and mention the company name. Don’t exceed 25 seconds; callers want to leave their message quickly.

Be informative. Give callers the details you’ll need to help them (like an order number). This avoids back-and-forth calls. Mention where callers can find answers on their own and the steps they should take in a rush situation.

Focus on sound quality. Practice before you record so you speak clearly and confidently. Record your message in a quiet room, and pause only between sentences.

For an auto attendant:

Start with a “welcome” greeting about the business. A short and simple statement works fine.

Spell out the options. With each option, name the department and the number to press (“for Billing, press 1”). Let callers know if they can dial a direct extension sooner. Limit the options to five, when possible, to avoid caller frustration.

Don’t be too polite. We’re not suggesting you be rude! Just don’t say “please” before each option; it’s too repetitive.

Choose a good speaker. Have an articulate speaker record the message. If you prefer a professional recording, ARG Communications provides this service for a nominal fee.

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