All You Need to Know about VOIP Services

Owning a business is no easy task, and communicating with your many employees can be tiresome. So why not hire a telecommunications leader in your area to take care of all your corresponding needs?

A rapidly growing communication solution is through the usage of the use of voIP services. An acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, this system is a phone service delivered over an internet connection rather than through local telephone providers. There are three ways to convert analog phone signals into digital signals that can be sent over the internet:

  • Using an analogue terminal adapter connected through an ethernet jack
  • using an IP phone which communicates directly to a voIP server
  • connecting directly to another voIP service provider.

One benefit of using a voIP service is that it offers the ability to be flexible and portable for those 64 million American employees who work from home. Internet telephony is also shown to increase productivity, adding up to an extra four hours per week per employee. Additionally, replacing your traditional phone line with voIP services will bring between 20-50% savings on your monthly phone bill. Just by installing voIP technology, you will save money and increase productivity, putting more money in your pocket! What could be better?

More and more business owners are catching on to this rising trend and adding these business phone systems to their company. On average, 11 million meetings happen per day in the United States that include VoIP services. The voice over IP industry as a whole is set to gain 262 million office subscribers, a 50% increase since 2011. Mobile VoIP is set to hit about 1 billion users by 2018, a huge feat for a relatively new concept.

Telecommunication professionals are also qualified to install video surveillance throughout your business. Utilizing a surveillance camera system that can be remotely accessed will eliminate theft and losses up to 80%. This employee theft costs American business owners anywhere between $20 to $40 billion annually, so choosing to invest in a video surveillance system will be a small cost that will further benefit your company.

Have any questions? Make sure to contact your local VoIP service provider for any service needs you may have.