Pros And Cons Of VoIP Systems And Why Your company Should Switch

Many companies use a private branch exchange, or PBX, to connect their internal phones to their external lines. They then use these systems to carry out functions like call forwarding and call holding. Business voice offer internet protocol, or VoIP, systems perform the same functions, but at a lower cost.

Both systems work to replace the traditional phone systems of the past, offering as much, or more, than telephone systems could. But, both have their pros and cons.

One of the biggest benefits of the VoIP is the cost, both for the initial investment and for the monthly charges involved. If your company chooses a VoIP service that works with traditional phones, there is only a small charge to set it up and to pay for phone adapters.

The calls are free for low monthly charges, but some systems may have charges for outside of North America. They do, however, rely on a strong network infrastructure.

PBX systems need a cabinet of electronic equipment in the office, and you have to pay a higher rate for the equipment and the charges per month. Lower cost is one of the biggest reasons companies go to VoIP.

However, VoIP software is not without its disadvantages. It is reliant on the internet to function. If there is a power failure, or the internet goes down, your company is left without any sort of hosted phone systems, or a phone line.

A traditional telephone line gets power through the telephone wire, and can often function through power failures. VoIP will send calls to a message center and store them until the service is restored. Often, companies will keep one traditional phone line so that they can make a priority call if the service is down.

VoIP business systems are also limited by bandwidth for size. If the connection reaches capacity, call quality can suffer. PBX has a certain number of lines per system, and this can be increased by buying a bigger system.

This also affects voice quality at times, so a fast internet and a good bandwidth is needed by the company to ensure the best quality for the systems. VoIP software needs a good infrastructure to run well, and so you need to make sure you have a strong internet infrastructure.

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