The Three Types of VoIP Services, Explained

No matter the size or kind, your business needs to explore the phone systems Delaware has to offer in order to find the right communication solution for your business’s needs. One way to solve your company’s business phone systems problem is to consider using VoIP business services. Not only can it grow with your company, but it can also help remote employees access their business lines from wherever they might be.

In order to choose VoIP services, it is important to know the different kinds and how they can benefit your business infrastructure. Here is a detailed look at the VoIP phone systems Delaware telecommunications leaders can offer to make your business successful.

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP phone systems do not use the traditional copper wires commonly found with landlines. Instead, VoIP technology uses the same Internet connection that a business already has. VoIP services allow smaller business to use features commonly used by bigger corporations. This includes automated attendants, call queues, and computer integration that sends voicemails to email inboxes and laptops. There is also a mobile option for remote employees to be able to access their business phone system from their mobile device.

Self-Hosted VoIP Systems
This type of phone system means that the business owns and pays for the equipment in use. It is commonly referred to as the private branch exchange (PBX) hardware needed to maintain the phone systems Delaware and other areas use. It allows circuit switching within an organization’s phone system.

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems
With cloud-based VoIP business systems, there is no hardware or maintenance to deal with, other than IP phones. Consult the leading provider of business telephone systems to find out how they maintain all of the PBX technology on their end, should you choose this type of service. For growing businesses, cloud-based phone systems allow them to easily add lines when necessary. This service usually costs a monthly fee and is based on a per-user model.

Considering that VoIP technology allows phone systems to be both flexible and portable, your business could greatly benefit from it. Studies show that over 11 million meetings take place each day in the United States, many using video conferencing and VoIP services. Choose VoIP services and join the estimated 1 billion users of mobile VoIP by 2018.