What Do You Need in a Phone Systems Upgrade?

What do you need in communication solutions? What are your structured cabling needs? These are some questions businesses or institutions must answer before they select phone systems, audiovisual equipment, security upgrades, or a specific type of cable installation.

One of the main needs of conference presenters and classrooms now are audio-visual A/V solutions. A/V equipment can be used for meetings and teaching purposes as well as digital signage and video calls. But how do you know what to look for in new phone systems for your business?

How to Choose a Phone System for Your Business

Considering telephone equipment in a time when business people, educators, and other professionals use social media, live chat, email, and smartphones sounds a bit dated, but the opposite is true. The “old-fashioned” phone call still means a lot when connecting in the business and professional community. By using the phone, you can enjoy one-on-one conversations, build better rapport, and even prevent misunderstandings.

Customers still want to have access to a number they can call so they have the advantage of actually speaking to a person. Today’s phone systems enable you to choose connections that feature VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), KSU (Key System Units), and PBX (Private Branch Exchange). These popular phone systems may also include features such as multiple phone lines (great to use when there is a high call volume), auto attendants, and visual voicemail (which transcribes a voicemail and sends it an email or text). Other popular features include call-forwarding, conference calls (for remote workers), and handset support.

Considering Your Device Options

When you decide on devices, carefully review your telephone needs. While some companies like physical office phones, other businesses have more flexibility concerning location. If you do not need physical desk phones, you may want to consider a softphone application – one that allows you to use VoIP on employee mobile devices or laptops. What you choose in phone systems will depend on your business setup. While an office with one location has different needs than a company with multiple locations, some organizations also need to choose devices that work well with remote work activities

If you do use VoIP, consider the latest protocols, both of which feature encryption. These protocols include Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (which uses voice, mail, and messaging capabilities) and H.323 (the first VoIP system protocol to support and transport video over IP networks). Whether you select a comprehensive phone upgrade or rely on softphone features, you can find the right communications link for your business. Today, you can save as much as 20% to 50% on a landline phone bill by going with VoIP. Call us about any security, phone, or conferencing needs today. Make sure you have the latest in communication upgrades. We are a leading business provider of business phone systems, A/V solutions, and security installations.