4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Business Phone System Could Do For You

Today, phones aren’t just phones. We live in an era of video conferencing, smartphones, and Voice over the Internet Protocol systems.

And that’s why business owners of all kinds often struggle to find affordable communication solutions. While many people have already discovered that switching to VoIP services can save up to 50% of their monthly bill, others still aren’t sure if VoIP is right for their business. But with more than 11 million meetings scheduled each day, many of which require video conferencing and VoIP services, it is more apparent than ever that VoIP is both necessary and useful. To help get the most out of your business phone system, here are some ways that modern voice technology can benefit your company.

Improve your billing accuracy
Your business phone system is a true management system. It keeps track of the average phone call length and can generate detailed logs every week, month, or day for your convenience. You have the ability to ask for the exact reports you need for billing, saving time for more important tasks.

Learn from call data
Call data can be used for more than simply billing purposes. Your business phone system allows you to be more effective in your data collection than you are now. If you want to track the average call time for a particular department, sales for example, then you can do so with your new telephone systems.

If you want to make your company more efficient, then start putting your data to work.

Save money
This is the big one. While some people are afraid that hosted phone systems will cost them more than landlines, that’s not actually the case.

Business phone systems that VoIP services can save more money per year with little to nothing in upfront costs. With VoIP business services, there is a low monthly fee as well as the ability to only pay for the services you will actually need and use.

Improve the performance of your internet connection
It is important to choose a leading provider of telephone systems that offers hybrid business phone systems. This is because this type of phone system allows commonly visited sites to be accessed at LAN speeds. Furthermore, you will reduce the chances of your network performing slowly while still retaining the ability to store important files locally.

Not only can the right phone system improve your ability to service customers, but you can also gather useful data to help improve your own business practices. Studies show that businesses who implemented Internet telephony increased productivity by 3.9 hours.

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