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Your Video Surveillance Could Be Broadcasting Live Online Right Now

The depths of the Internet are practically limitless, and full of bizarre and disturbing websites. Insecam, an unsecured webcam directory, is just one unsettling addition to the world wide web that could be broadcasting your video surveillance right now. But how? CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. And while “closed” insinuates privacy, oftentimes this is not […]

4 Tips to Follow For Better Retail Security

Retailers are always at high risk for shoplifting and employee theft. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in the U.S. today. That means one in every 11 people could be a thief who steals from your store. And far too many storeowners are being forced to deal with the consequences: on […]

Holiday Sales Times Means Increased Sales, As Well As Increased Losses from Employee Theft

Between the months of October and January, retail stores see the largest volume of traffic for the entire year. The holiday gift-giving season has a lot to do with this. And while people are buying a lot of items, they’re also making many returns and exchanges. While these months are heavy in sales, the holiday […]

Most Common Mistakes Made With Video Security Systems

When it comes to your business, protecting it and its assets is of the utmost importance. That’s why many businesses choose to protect their premises and employees with video surveillance systems. These systems prevent theft (both internal and external) and also provide valuable information in the event that a theft or other crime is attempted. […]

The Evolution of Closed-Circuit Television

Virtually every industry uses video surveillance systems to monitor activity on their premises, whether to stop employee theft, manage liability, or to ward off criminals. Closed-circuit television systems are used to monitor employees in a variety of businesses, tenants in common areas of apartment buildings, customer activity in retail settings, as well as a variety […]

Installing Video Surveillance Helps Businesses Prevent Employee Theft

The Philly Voice reports that a SEPTA employee stole $638,000 worth of train parts. SEPTA, short for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, serves Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. The employee allegedly stole parts from six different SEPTA properties to resell for amounts much lower than their value. Montgomery County authorities can date his […]

6 Commonly Overlooked Factors That Affect Video Surveillance

Whether your run a business or simply want to protect your home, there are plenty of reasons to implement video surveillance systems. In fact, the video surveillance Philadelphia businesses use include remotes. These camera systems reduce theft and losses by 80%. To make sure your system is setup correctly, keep the following tips in mind. […]

A Dirty Security Camera Is Not A Pretty Picture

Installing a security camera to protect your business, school, or organization is a wise decision. But for optimal performance, the camera must be properly cleaned and maintained. Fuzzy pictures taken through a smudgy lens don’t provide full protection! To increase your security camera’s lifespan and efficiency, follow these tips. Check your lighting. Make sure your […]

Security Solutions, Explained

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any business or homeowner. Having reliable security to protect personal and business assets are important to maintaining a safe environment. Studies have shown that having closed circuit video surveillance systems can reduce theft and loss of personal and business-related artifacts by up to 80%. Not only can […]

FAQs on CCTV, Answered

Protecting your assets is a concern many people have, especially today. Theft and losses can be reduced by as much as 80% with properly installed closed circuit video (CCTV) surveillance systems, which can also improve productivity. Not only can they protect you from outside threats but internal threats as well. Things such as employee theft […]