How A/V Needs Have Grown Since the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused heavy changes throughout society, including problems with healthcare and supply chain issues. However, the ways it affected communications networks around the world are rarely discussed, including how it affected the audio/visual (A/V) market and its general usage. Higher Streaming Service Usage A/V rates not only skyrocketed in the early days of […]

How Important are Business Phone Systems for Productivity?

According to Tech Target, more than 64 million Americans hold jobs compatible with part-time telework. Most of the companies that operate like this use VOIP. It makes phone systems portable and flexible. This helps organizations remain productive in these days of remote working. Here’s how business phone systems help with productivity. Remote Access If your […]

Safety in the Remote Workspace

A remote workspace has many benefits; for instance, you get to work from the confines of your home, have more family time, and don’t commute. However, it also has drawbacks, such as body aches, eye strain, and mental fatigue. Also, you’re at risk of cyber threats and slips, trips, or falls. Your employer should provide […]

What Is VoIP and Who Uses It?

According to Toolbox Tech, the voice over IP (VoIP) industry as a whole is set to grow to over $76 billion, and the number of small office/home office subscribers is projected to grow to $262 million — a 50% increase since 2011. VoIP software is becoming more common for many reasons. Let’s look at what […]